International Activities Commission

Chairman   Davydova A.S. – Secretary General of ROC.   Executive Secretary Golubkova N.I. – Advisor to the Secretary General of ROC. Commission members Arzhanova A.V. – President of the World Confederation of Underwater Sports, President of the Federation of Underwater Sports of Russia. Agapitov M.O.– President of the Russian Weightlifting Federation, member of the

Media Relations Commission (Press Commission)

Chairman   Sungorkin V.N. – Director General and Chief Editor of the Komsomolskaya Pravda publishing house. Secretary Butnev Y.B.– Head of the News Section of the ROC Information Service. Commission members Vybornov K.Y. – Head of the ROC Information Service, ROC Press Secretary. Vaitsekhovskaya E.S. – Sport-Express newspaper Special Correspondent. Gerasimov V.A. – Head of the HC

Sport for All Commission

Chairman Vasin V.A. – Honorary Vice President of the ROC, Advisor to the ROC President.       Executive Secretary Khamidova N.U. – Head of development of mass sports sector of the ROC Organizational department. Commission members Brusov G.P. – First Vice President of the Russian Wrestling Federation, Head of the United World Wrestling (UWW)

Ethics Commission

Chairman   Kiryanov G.Y. – Director General of the International Charity Fund “For the Future of Fencing”.       Executive Secretary Stepanov L.M. – Senior Lawyer of the ROC Legal Department. Commission members Avdeev Y.V. – President of the Olympic Council of St. Petersburg. Dolgopolov N.M. – President of the Federation of Sport Journalists