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    Commission on International Affairs

    Chair   Anastasia Davydova – Member of the IOC Olympic Education commission, Member of the EOC Gender equality in sport commission, ROC General secretary   Deputy Chair of the Comission Alexander Gorshkov – Deputy chair of the Commission on International Cooperation, honorary member of the International Skating Union (ISU), president of the Figure Skating Federation

    Media Relations Commission (Press Commission)

    Chairman   Sungorkin V.N. – Director General and Chief Editor of the Komsomolskaya Pravda publishing house. Secretary Butnev Y.B.– Head of the News Section of the ROC Information Service. Commission members Vybornov K.Y. – Head of the ROC Information Service, ROC Press Secretary. Vaitsekhovskaya E.S. – Sport-Express newspaper Special Correspondent. Gerasimov V.A. – Head of the HC

    Sport for All Commission

    Chairman Vasin V.A. – Honorary Vice-President of the ROC, Advisor to the President of the ROC on implementation of the Sport for All Programme.     Secretary Khamidova N.Y. – Head of the Department of Mass Sports programmes of the ROC. Commission members Gorokhova Galina – President of the Russian Union of Athletes. Dmitrieva Anna

    Ethics Commission

    Chairman   Kiryanov G.Y. – Director General of the International Charity Fund “For the Future of Fencing”.       Executive Secretary Stepanov L.M. – Senior Lawyer of the ROC Legal Department. Commission members Avdeev Y.V. – President of the Olympic Council of St. Petersburg. Dolgopolov N.M. – President of the Federation of Sport Journalists