Statement of the ROC Athletes’ Commission

With a huge disappointment, the members of ROC’s Athletes’ Commission have found out about decision of IOC’s Invitation Review Panel not to invite 13 Russian athletes and two coaches fully acquitted by (the CAS)  to 2018 Winter Olympics.

It’s surprising that IOC Commission makes its decisions on the basis of some additional, suspicious, and anonymous information and accounts of one single fraudster and no the decision of the CAS and the results of numerous doping tests of the past few years.

The IOC has not yet presented any concrete information on the reasons why quite a number of Russian athletes, including world sport leaders, were not on the invitation list.

We regularly hear the IOC stating, that it’s necessary to respect rights of clean athletes, and we agree with it. However, for some reasons, this doesn’t apply to the Russian clean athletes.

Massive denial for clean Russian athletes, while athletes from other countries, who were previously banned for doping, will take part in the Games, violates the principle of equality and contests efficiency of justice.

Dreams of athletes willing to participate in Olympics who have fairly won the right for it are being destroyed, and irreparable damage is being caused to basic ideals, values of Olympism.

Chairman of the Commission, Olympic champion S. Velikaya

Honorary Chairman of the Commission, three-time Olympic champion in Synchronized Swimming O. Brusnikina

Deputy Chairman of the Commission, two-time world champion in Volleyball E. Gamova

Deputy Chairman of the Commission, two-time Olympic champion in Modern Pentathlon, A. Moiseev

Five-time Olympic champion in Synchronized Swimming S. Romashina

Two-time Olympic champion in Gymnastics, A. Mustafina

Olympic Figure Skating champion, F. Klimov

Two-time Olympic champion in Athletics E. Isinbaeva

Olympic champion in Athletics, Y. Borzakovskiy

Olympic champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics A. Maximova

Olympic Judo champion,  T. Khaibulaev

Three-time medalist of the Championship of Russia in Speed Skating L. Zadonskaya

Five-time Paralympic champion in Swimming A. Strokin

Olympic champion in Shooting A. Alipov

Winner of the Grand Slam Tournament, two-time winner of the Fed Cup A. Myskina