Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic torch relay is to start on November 1st, 2017

The traditional Olympic torch relay is to start on November 1st, 2017, exactly 100 days before the 2018 Pyeongchang  Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. Seven and a half thousand   torchbearers will carry a lit torch across the Greek Olympia, through 17 cities and provinces of South Korea.  Olympic   torch relay distance will be 2018 kilometers.

The torch is 700 millimeters tall, a number that represents the altitude of host city PyeongChang, which is 700 meters above sea level. The torch is made in white and gold colors, basic for the Games-2018. The shape of the five-pronged flame is  similar to   the symbol of PyeongChang.

The torch is designed in such a way that the flame does not go out, whatever the weather conditions, including in strong wind and snow.

The torchbearers’ uniform is a mixture of the Olympic Rings’ colors  and white, which is basic color of the 2018 Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games in Pyeongchang will be held from 9 to 26 February, 2018.