Alexander Zhukov: “Future lies with mobile diagnostic laboratories”

The First International Forum Big Science for Big Sport will be held on April 27-28, 2016 at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA). The Forum will be dedicated to relevant aspects of implementation of the Strategy for the Development of Physical Culture and Sports in the Russian Federation until 2020.

Members of the forum will discuss relevant aspects of modernization of the sport reserve formation system, creation of the organizational, scientific and methodological foundation for training in high performance sports. Members will present the best pieces of medical and biomedical support of physical culture and sports.

President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov welcomed the participants of the forum.

“Today high performance sport has advanced to a point where we cannot expect athletes’ significant success without scientific and methodological support.

It’s obvious that taking into account all recently taken organizational decisions it is necessary to create innovative platforms to improve training system. We are to highlight the most prospective areas of innovative activities, define administrative institutions related to their implementation, a way of communication of sports organizations and innovation action groups.

Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism has launched a pilot project called “Russian couches’ professional competence improvement”.

About 140 couches, who proved their priority right to participate in the project, are mastering new advanced training and professional retraining programs developed on request of the Russian Olympic Committee. Those programs are focused on requirements of the new standard “Coach”.

Of course our specialists are looking forward to exchanging opinions within the framework of defining ways of how best to exploit the opportunities of the ROC Innovation Center created for the Sochi Olympic Games. We hope to hear new scientific ideas and meet potential carriers of special projects, developed and realized after the evaluation by the Scientific Expert Board, coordinated by the ROC.

We are sure that results of serious scientific research in sports should definitely be implemented. In this regard we consider mobile diagnostic laboratories to be a promising area. This is what we did when preparing for Sochi. We have such laboratories.

Recently two mobile service centers for Skiing and Snowboarding appeared. And that is very important for our teams. At the special exhibition participants of the forum will have a chance to see the new equipment of service centers.

On the basis of the ROC Innovation Center scientific and practical seminars for Russian coaches and sport federations’ representatives are regularly organized. Leading foreign specialists will give reports. Cooperation with the Federal Centre of Physical Culture and Sport (VNIIFK) and with the Federal Center of Innovative Sports Technologies of the Department of Physical Culture and Sport of Moscow has strengthened.

During the whole year 2015 on the request of the ROC in the framework of the joint project involving VNIIFK specialists special features of chronobiological, climatic and geographic adaptation in the context of the upcoming Rio Games. A considerable amount of data was collected and processed. We would want to make representatives of the all-Russian sports federations and coaches aware of this data.

Allow me to on behalf of the Russian Olympic Committee wish all participants of the First International Forum Big Science for Big Sport creative success. I hope that decisions taken at this forum will allow scientists to strengthen contacts with coaching staff and sports organizers, and will eventually produce positive results for the development of the Olympic Movement, mass sport high performance sport”, – said Alexander Zhukov.