Alexander Zhukov evaluated the Main Media Center of the 2014 Olympics

On Thursday, February 6, Alexander Zhukov, President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), visited the Main Press Center of the Sochi Olympic Games for the accredited journalists from around the world.

During a tour of the Media Center, organized specially for him, Alexander Zhukov  examined the journalists’ work places. Nothing skipped his attention. Zhukov carefully examined the press workroom, designed to accommodate 500 work places, the work room for photographers, designed to accommodate 100 work places and broadcasters workroom.

“It’s great that this unique building is located within walking distance of all the sports venues in the Olympic Park. Moreover, you can find here everything you wish — a food court, a post office, a beauty salon and a fitness center –  all the conditions for media and broadcasting representatives from around the world for convenient operation.”

The Main Press Center of the Olympic Games with an area of 20,000 meters is the biggest in the history of the Olympic Games. Its building is divided into two parts –   for the written press (MPC) and the broadcasters (IBC), but with all services, shops and recreation areas available for both groups. As in past Olympics, journalists with an E-category accreditation do not have access to the IBC.

The Main Media Center is located within the secure perimeter of the Olympic Park, meaning that it will not be possible to get inside the building of a Media Center without a thorough inspection and verification of accreditations.