Alexander Zhukov stressed the importance of the concluding IOC Session

The 126th  International Olympic Committee Session, which opened on February 4, will finish its work today, February 7, on the day of the XXII Olympic Winter Games opening ceremony. President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) commented on the significance of this meeting:

“This IOC Session is rather unique. This is the first IOC Session under Thomas Bach’s presidency. He proposed a new Olympic movement development agenda 2020. We considered some very serious provisions of the roadmap for the Olympic movement in it.

We tried to find the best approach to form the program of the Olympic Games and to most accurately introduce new sports or new types of programs in certain sports. Serious attention was paid to training and development of children and youth sports –  the future of Youth Olympics. In addition to the development of Olympic training, it is suggested to create a private Olympic broadcasting channel (in electronic media as well) to promote sports.”

Also the Head of the ROC named several topical issues, raised at the meeting, including marketing strategy, issues of independence of the Olympic Committees, issues of  interaction between government and the Olympic movement, membership in the IOC and relationship with federations.