Alexander Zhukov: “Statement issued by 17 national anti-doping agencies was subjected to serious criticism”

Alexander Zhukov:

“The interim reports on the work of the two Commissions under the leadership of Denis Oswald and Samuel Schmid were heard today at the IOC Session. Some specific conclusions were made, it was said that the Commissions will continue its work and try to finish it as quickly as possible.

In the written materials submitted to the IOC members, the process of sample  analyses, which is underway today at the University of Lausanne, was described in some detail. The contrastive analysis procedure undertaken to make a final statement on whether  the tubes were opened or not is a rather complicated.

In order to this requires a large amount of time, so Oswald’s Commission, first studies the analyses of active athletes who can compete at the Olympic games in Pyeongchang. Everyone understands that the results are required as soon as possible, because on them will depend on the ability of athletes to attend the 2018 Games.

If the Commission detects violations on the part of certain athletes, these athletes will be called to a meeting to give their explanations. Only then will the final decision be taken with the direct participation of international sports federations.

We must also understand that since the beginning of the winter season a special doping control regime has been set for the Russian athletes. It has already been very strong lately, but six months before the start of the Olympic Games each of the candidates for the Olympic team will undergo at least 3 more tests in addition to those carried out in the framework of international competition.

This is done to leave no doubt as to the purity of our athletes. And I think that making the decision about the participation of Russians in the Pyeongchang Games international Federation will, of course, take into account samples taken at the beginning of the current winter season.

Also, in my opinion, the statement made by WADA President Craig Reedie was very important. First, the Head of the World Anti-Doping Agency said that collaborative work of the WADA and Russian organizations to recover the RUSADA, has been very productive.  Great progress has been made and soon, perhaps, the RUSADA would be recovered completely, which is the most important aspect of our cooperation.

Secondly, Mr. Reedie commented on yesterday’s appeal issued by 17 national anti-doping agencies, which urged the IOC not to allow the Russian team under the national flag to participate in the Pyeongchang Games. Craig Reedie said this statement does not coincide with the WADA’s position. The organization does not call for such steps. On the contrary, we believe that cooperation with Russia is a step in the right direction.

After that a few IOC members gave their speeches. Colleagues criticized INADA’s incitement, which, in their opinion, looked backward rather than forward and causes serious harm to the Olympic movement. Yes, indeed, in the recent past the Russian athletes were involved in many doping violations, but today the situation has changed dramatically, so there is no reason for this kind of applications.

Anyway, it is too early to draw any conclusions about the prospects of the performance of our team in Pyeongchang. It is necessary to wait for Oswald and Schmid commissions’ work results. But still the general opinion, expressed at the session in Lima, is that all those guilty should be punished. The principle of collective responsibility should not be applied. Of course, it is a good thing that this position was once again confirmed by the IOC members.”