Alexander Zhukov: I think the captains made the right choice

On Wednesday, February 5, the headquarters of the Russian delegation announced that bobsled Veteran Alexander Zubkov will Carry Russian Flag. When selecting a flag-bearer the opinions of all the captains of Russian Olympic teams were taken into account.

The Head of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), Alexander Zhukov commented on the appointment of the illustrious bobsleigh racer as flag-bearer.

“Alexander Zubkov is a very worthful flag-bearer. He is one of the most decorated and experienced athletes of our team. I think the captains have made the right choice . Alexander is a real leader! I am sure that at the Olympic Games opening ceremony he will be one of the most striking and recognizable flag-bearers.”

Alexander Zubkov himself isn’t too excited about it: “Of course, I am very pleased that I was chosen, because there were a lot of respected candidates to carry the flag. Honestly, I do not feel the excitement as these are not my first Olympic Games – these are my fifth Games. I understand the responsibility that falls on me, I know the functions of the flag-bearer, so I will try to do everything I can. However, I do not feel much stress”.