The Administration of the Omsk Lyceum No.143 thanked the ROC for assistance on the Olympic Country program

Dear Alexander Dmitrievich,

The administration and teaching staff of the Omsk budgetary education institution Lyceum No. 143 expresses sincere appreciation and gratitude for the assistance in the development of mass sports in the Lyceum, providing opportunities for the involvement of younger generation in sports.

For many years the Lyceum has been engaged in the spiritual and physical upbringing of children of all ages. There are Russian and regional champions. New talented guys capable of reaching the highest results come to their places. They help attract other  youngsters to a healthy lifestyle.

The Russian Olympic Committee pays great attention to the development of children’s sports. Because the sport is health.

We appreciate that under the Olympic Country program the Russian Olympic Committee, headed by you, provided material assistance to the Athletic club, and  supplemented it with new sports equipment, uniforms and facilities.

We wish you success in your work and new victories!

Director of the Lyceum No.143, Omsk
I. Rybalko