Alexander Zhukov: ‘Olympic family remembers and honors all veterans, who fought for our Fatherland on the battlefields, and then on the sports arenas’

Dear friends!

On  behalf of the ROC I would like to congratulate on the Defender of the Fatherland Day all those who are directly related to it, first of all, our military athletes!

On February 23 we pay our tribute to those who work to the benefit of our Fatherland, increasing power and glory of our Motherland and protecting peace and quiet of citizens. The Olympic Family remembers and honors all the veterans,  who fought for our Fatherland on the battlefields, and then on the sports arenas. And now many Russian athletes who dedicated their lives to Armed Forces.

It is symbolic that in these days III Winter Military World Games are about to start in Sochi. There are many famous champions, representing CSKA, in our team, such as winner of the Biathlon Hochfilzen – World Championship, warrant officer Maxim Tsvetkov, Sochi 2014 Olumpic champion in Short Track lieutenant Ruslan Zakharov and Olympic Ski Marathon bronze medalist, senior lieutenant Ilya Cher ousov and many other. I am sure that  through   your efforts our sport and Russian Armed Forces will give a worthy performance at the Games!

Our athletes, coaches and specialists always defend the honor of our country with their daily work and success. We are proud of your achievements! I wish you happiness, health, well-being, luck, great results and new victories!