Alexander Zhukov: “The Team Russia Brand will allow fans to feel themselves part of the Olympic team”

On March 2, within the business program of the Licensing World Russia exhibition the Russian Olympic Committee will present a national sports brand called Team Russia, aimed at uniting all Russian athletes and their fans. Alexander Zhukov, President of the ROC, spoke on the special features of the project and at the end of the opening ceremony answered the questions of the ROC Information Service.

– Tomorrow, within the exhibition the new brand of ROC called Team Russia will be a presented. This project has taken the best features of the Sochi-2014a program, that was very popular in the period of preparation for the Sochi Winter Olympic Games   and during the Games themselves. The Team Russia is a new, and most importantly, an inherently unlimited project that will bring together athletes and their fans.

The exhibition is very interesting, there is a large number of goods for children of different ages. The ROC is definitely interested in involving the younger generation in physical activities and sports. Therefore, the Team Russia brand, is intended primarily for the younger generation.

– What is the main purpose of this brand?

– There are a number of successful sports programs in the world, including those promoted by the National Olympic Committees. For example, Team USA project is one of the most attractive brands, under which a lot of licensed products are manufactured. It brings substantial income used for the development of sports in the United States. Similar brands exist in the UK and Canada.

We have seen that in the period of preparation for the 2014 Games the Sochi-2014brand was extremely popular among a wide variety of companies manufacturing cars, sportswear, communication equipment. We want to promote the Team Russia brand which, I am sure, will be attractive for many companies, both in Russia and abroad. He will give fans the opportunity to come together with athletes and feel themselves part of the Olympic team.

The social mission of the project is to help Russian people unite appealing to their patriotic feelings and love for their country and its heroes through the popularization of Russian sport. The Team Russia brand is intended to become the symbol of Russian athletes’ support at all international competitions. Licensing program will become an essential component of the project. Through this program residents of all regions of the country will be able to buy licensed products with the Team Russia symbol on it and become part of a single national team.

– What will be the mainstay of your work as Chairman of the IOC Coordination Commission for the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games?

– This appointment is critical and very important event for me. China’s bid is very familiar to me, as I headed the evaluation committee. There is no doubt that China will hold the Games at the highest level. I would also note that our  Sochi experience will surely be in demand  in Beijing as well. I am very glad that Dmitrшy Chernyshenko has joined the Coordination Commission.

The composition of the Coordination Commission is very strong. Almost all presidents of the Winter Sports Federations are among it’s members, as well as serious professionals who participated in the organization of many Olympic Games. The first visit of the Commission will be held in March, however, the meetings are starting already. In  2 days I will go to Lausanne, where a briefing on the bidding process will be held. There is a desire to make the process more efficient.

According to the experience of our collaboration with Jean-Claude Killy, who headed a similar commission in preparation for the Sochi Olympic Games, the commission will meet about every three months. We will visit the Olympic venues, monitor the preparations for the Games. It  will be a very long process, it will take about six years. In fact, the Coordination Commission is a body responsible to the IOC for the success of the Olympic Games, – summed up Alexander Zhukov.