Aleksandr Kubeev “retraining courses on the basis of RGUFKSMiT help professionals further work”

On May 30, Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (RGUFKSMiT) held a solemn ceremony of certificates of training and R & D certificates to participants of the program “Improving the professional competence of the coaching staff for the Olympic sports that implement labor functions at the stage of improving sports skills.”

The fourth group of students to the end of the training course at the Institute for training and vocational training RGUFKSMiT congratulated the Director of the sports program of the Olympic Committee of Russia Alexander Cuba and vice-rector for educational and methodical work of the Anna University Skotnikova.

Diplomas and certificates received 20 coaches from different regions of Russia. Among them are experts in basketball, cross country skiing, judo, hockey, volleyball, sambo, wrestling, badminton, cycling, sports acrobatics, soccer, field hockey, sailing, rowing and canoeing, shooting, handball, rugby -7 and freestyle.

Alexander Kubeev: On behalf of the Russian Olympic Committee congratulate all professionals retrained, with the successful completion of the educational stages. I am confident that the skills learned during these two weeks will help in further work. These training courses will certainly become for many people an additional incentive and the beginning of the path of self-improvement as a trainer and teacher. Also I would like to express my gratitude to the leadership of the university, the faculty and administration of the Institute of Advanced Training for the great work carried out in this direction. Developed special programs you have turned out very interesting.”

Anna Skotnikova: “Over the past decade, it is the first program to improve the efficiency of the coaching staff, which is implemented through the Olympic Committee of Russia. For our university is the first stage of improvement. I think that we will go further and will develop similar programs for all Olympic sports. We will continue this work together with the Olympic Committee of Russia.”