Aleksey Kravtsov: “In Short Track expect to win all quotas”

Within the Russian National Olympic Team Media Center project President of the Russian Skating Union (RSU) told in details about the qualification system and the Olympic quotas in Speed Skating and Short Track.

– Quotas will be allocated through the World Cup stages, – said Alexey Kravtsov. – In Short Track two stages have already been completed, two more will be held in November. In the relays athlete has to finish among the top eight. To date our women’s team is holding a strong position. It occupies the 3rd place. While the men’s team is in a rather insecure position, holding the 7th place. We expect that in the Asian stages in November, we will be able to secure our positions.

As for the  individual competitions, a maximum of three people from each country can participate in each distance. The qualification is based on the sum of three best positions at the four  World Cup stages. It is too early to draw conclusions, but in general the situation is quite calm. We expect to win almost all quotas. Although honestly I doubt that we have three athletes for each distance, who can claim prizes.

To win medals will not be easy. In our country Short Track receive publicity thanks to the Sochi Olympic Games, where our team performed really, really great. While in Korea this is probably the most popular winter sport. The tickets for the competitions are most expensive. Capacity crowd is expected each day of the competition. After all, this is the sport, in which the host country can count on gold medals. We will try give top quality performance.

Speed skating quotas are allocated according to two criteria – the final position in the World Cup classification and the time. Therefore, stages to take place in Calgary and Salt Lake City, North America will be the most important. There, in middle altitude, the results are higher than on flat terrain.

The European Championship is another important competition before the Olympics both in all-round and in certain distances, which with a probability of 99 percent will take place in Kolomna from the 5th to the 7th of January. Last weekend I was in Lausanne during the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the International skating Union and found the general mood in favor of holding this competition in our country.

The President of the Russian skating Union (TFR) in the “Media center of the Olympic team of Russia” in detail told about the system of selection for the Olympic team and the Olympic quota in speed skating and short track.