Dmitry Guberniev, Igor Vladimirov and Maxim Demkiv gave seminars for media representatives

On November 24 the Russian Olympic Committee held the awarding ceremony of the 7th Energy of Victories national sports journalism festival, held by the Russian Olympic Committee together with Gazprom. And today, the prizewinners were given seminars and workshops at the Innovation center for ROC.

The press-attache of the Russian Football Union and the national football team Igor Vladimirov, Advisor to the General Director of the Russia TV channel, the commentator of the Match TV channel Dmitry Guberniev and well-known radio and TV journalist Maxim Demkov spoke in front of the three dozens media representatives.

– The impressions are positive,  summed up Igor Vladimirov. The audience was made up of journalists from the regions, including novice reporters who are not always connected with the leading football clubs in the country and the national team in their work. I Hope that we managed to dispel stereotypes of football players as of well-paid people who run on the field and not achieve anything. We tried to show the athletes from the other side and, in particular, spoke about social projects they are involved in.

While we were proposed, and  we will now think of its practical implementation. When I talked about the fact that we invite to the team’s training disabled children, it was suggested to report of such actions in public places – for example, in shopping centers. This would allow to notify and involve in our work those who don’t follow sports news in the media.

Dmitry Guberniev spoke to reporters via Skype from the Östersund, Sweden, where the 1-th stage of the Biathlon World Cup  2017/18 will be  launched in a few days. The commenter urged colleagues to practice technique of speech, correct accents and carefully prepare for reports to avoid factual errors, including those in the field of policy. However  Dmitry has noticed that ‘slips in speech embellish the story’, because only one who does nothing do not mistakes. ‘You slipped in your speech – no problem, continue’, he advised.

Guberniev said that a journalist must necessarily arouse  people’s emotions, may be even negative. Then he offered to make claims to his own work and listened to low-key criticism from the audience.

Maxim Demkov in his lecture devoted much attention to coverage of the Sochi Olympic games by the Mayak, Sport FM and Radio Russia radio stations.

– The Olympic games in Sochi has become a unique phenomenon in the national radio, the journalist said to the ROC Service center. – Never before have I heard the radio broadcasts from the figure skating, biathlon, ski races. And we did it. And in General, he spoke of the technological changes in broadcasting within 20 years that he has been working in this field. Today we put our studios exactly in the competition venues. Thus, the Mayak broadcasted from the Luzhniki arena for five days before a recent match Russia – Argentina, dedicated to the opening of the stadium after reconstruction. Radio football broadcasts return.

– The meeting was interesting, – said Demkov. – Because of journalists gathered from all over the country, representing all sections of the media. We have, in particular, struck up a lively discussion about what the government have to pay attention to the coverage of sports. There is a paradoxical situation: spend huge money on sports, to build new facilities, are involved in an active lifestyle to people of all ages, but it is not promoted! Unfortunately, interest in the sport in the media largely lost, and I think it is necessary to raise, even by artificial means, including the administrative team.