Russian Synchronized Swimming Federation held a seminar for coaches and experts

On Monday, a seminar for local coaches and experts was held within the walls of the Russian Olympic Committee. It was organized by the Russian Synchronized Swimming Federation (RSSF). The Conference Hall College of the ROC appeared crowded with interested students from across the country. This is not surprising, because leading experts performed in front of them. Among the experts were a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Professor Eduard Martirosov, a three-time Olympic champion, First Vice-President of the RSSF and a member of the ROC Executive Board Olga Brusnikina, Professor of the Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism Maria Maximova and many others.

“The purpose of this seminar is to share experience and knowledge, – said the executive secretary of the RSSF Svetlana Nemogaeva. – Almost all Russian regions, where there are synchronized swimming federations, are represented here today. They all are ready to share their experience and learn from their colleagues. Today we are doing theoretical studies, and tomorrow we will practice at the Trud swimming pool. Hopefully Senior Coach of the Russian team Tatiana Pokrovskaya will join us. We expect that she will show us some technical elements of the free routine.”