Applications of three All-Russian sports federations were approved by the ROC Commission

On Friday, June 6, at the meeting held in the ROC the Commission for the Review of programs to provide additional training to Russian athletes and their participation in the Olympic Games unanimously supported the applications of three All-Russian summer sports federations – Water Polo, Trampoline and Synchronized Swimming.

“We ask the ROC to provide assistance in purchasing equipment for the Russian men’s team, which is currently preparing intensively for the European Championships — said President of the Russian Water Polo Federation Yevgeny Sharonov presenting an application. – We have a young team and we should take every opportunity to achieve a leading position in Water Polo on an international scale within a short time – to reach the level of teams of Serbia, Croatia, Spain and Hungary. The necessary equipment, which, by the way, is used, for example, by the England football team and by National Basketball Association teams, allows deep analysis of all players’ actions. This will help coaches  prepare the team. Particularly it will be helpful during the preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.” Commission members unanimously supported the initiative of the Water Polo Federation.

“It is a pleasure to work with such people, – Evgeniy Sharonov said about the experts of the ROC Commission after the meeting. – I feel their support and a real willingness to help. We will do our best to justify their confidence. The team has recently qualified for the European Championship and now it is necessary to perform well – to lay the foundation, so to say, because there are many new players in the team who have never played at this level. And after that we will prepare for the 2015 World Championships in Kazan, which serve as a qualifying platform for the Rio Olympic Games.”

By the way, this was the third application submitted by the Water Polo Federation in the last two months. The ROC Commission has already approved an application for funding of training and sports activities of the Russian men’s team within the preparation for the Olympic Games, and at the end of April, the ROC Commission made a decision to pay the head coach of the Russian men’s team Australian citizen Erkin Shagaev for service in the current season.

The next application was presented by Anatoliy Kovarskiy, Executive Director of the Russian Trampoline Federation. This was an application for funding of the use of sports facilities and transport during training camp in the Italian city of Cesenatico between 2 and 13 June in preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

“This is a traditional trip for the Russian team, as Accademia Acrobatica in Cesenatico is currently the only sports facility on the Mediterranean coast, that has at its disposal sports trampolines certified by the International Gymnastics Federation which are necessary to prepare for the Olympic Games, – said the Executive Director. – It was a kind of debut for us – our first application, and I am very pleased with the results of the Commission meeting. I hope our cooperation with the ROC will continue. We plan to submit several more applications, preparing the team for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.”

The last application was considered in default. It was the application of the Russian Synchronized Swimming Federation to finance the acquisition of advanced sports facilities, equipment, software and healthcare and technical services preparing Russian athletes for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.