ROC Commission for the preparation of the Russian team for the Olympic Games has approved five applications

A meeting of the Commission to Consider programs of additional preparation and participation of Russian athletes in the Olympic Games was held on Monday, July 7, at the Russian Olympic Committee. The Commission, chaired by the ROC Deputy Executive Director Andrey Selivanov, considered five applications of All-Russian sports federations.

“We ask the ROC to provide assistance in purchasing advanced equipment for the Russian  team in oreder to adjust training loads at the training camp, – said adviser to the President of the Russian Cycling Federation Alexander Gusyatnikov. – It is vital for us in order to prepare for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.” Commission members unanimously supported the application of the Russian Cycling Federation.

Russian Weightlifting Federation applied for funding to organize a workshop from 9 to 12 August this year in Moscow aimed at improving the skills of national coaching staff and the Federation of Ski-Jumping and Nordic Combined of Russia applied for compensation of expenses associated with the organization of the workshop for Russian coaches, which took place 26-27 June in Nizhny Tagil.

“Leading experts will come to Moscow in order to share experience and individual training methods and techniques. Total plan to gather about 90 coaches,” – said Vice-President of Russian Weightlifting Federation for Medical and Anti-Doping Support Alexander Petrov.

Vice-president of the Federation of Ski-Jumping and Nordic Combined Vladimir Slavskiy noted that the workshop, which was held at the Aist jumping center in Nizhny Tagil – one of the best jumping centers of the world – was unique in its kind, since for the first time it was attended by foreign experts. Both requests were granted.

Applications of the Russian Bobsleigh Federation and the Russian Skating Union for compensation of expenses associated with remuneration of foreign coaches and experts were similar. Commission members unanimously supported both OCD treatment.