ROC Mobile Service Center is going to Khanty-Mansiysk, Tyumen, Kaluga and Kolomna

In the period October 10-18 the Cross Country Skiing Mobile Service Center will visit the off-site event in Khanty-Mansiysk (Winter Sports Center named after A. V. Filipenko). And October 18-26 it will visit Tyumen (Sports School No.2).

October 12-16, the Snowboard (Alpine skiing) Mobile service center will visit Kaluga (Alpine skiing and snowboarding school), and then it will move to Kolomna (Alpine skiing and snowboarding school), and stay there until October 20.

The Mobile service center members will give seminars and workshops to regional athletes, coaches and specialists, and provide practical assistance in the preparation of sports equipment. In addition, everyone will be able to see the equipment service centers and techniques used by technical specialists in the preparation of the inventory for Russian national teams members.

Recall that the ROC Mobile service centers are the legacy of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. On the technological basis, obtained in the framework of the ROC Steinschlift project under the support of the Gazprom company, experts are machining the sliding surface of the cross-country skis and Alpine skis and snowboards.