Olympic drill at the Moscow State University

On May 31, 2017, near the Lomonosov Moscow State University  (Shuvalov Corps), the  Higher School of Policy in Culture and Administration in Humanities Faculty held a sports and musical flash mob Olympic Drill.  Champions and prize-winners of the Olympic Games of different years participated in it. The event  was held under the motto Examination Session – Olympic Charge.

The Russian Olympic Committee  and the ROC Athletes’ Commission, represented by its chairman Sofia Velyka  took active part in the preparation of the event.

Apart from the Olympic Fencing champion, many other famous athletes, undergraduates and graduates of the faculty came to introduce students to a healthy lifestyle and to wish them success in passing exams. Among them were two-time Olympic Artistic Gymnastics champion Elena Zamolodchikova, two-time Olympic Figure Skating champion Tatyana Volosozhar, Olympic champions in Synchronized Swimming Alla Shishkina and Gelena Topilina,  Olympic champion in Modern Pentathlon Alexander Lesun,  Olympic champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics Caroline Sevastyanova, Olympic Wrestling champion Khadzhimurad Magomedov and silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Judo, multiple world and European champion Alexander Mikhailin.

Before the impromptu flash mob, the dean of the Higher School of Policy in Culture and Administration in Humanities Faculty, Elena Khalipova expressed her hope that doing outdoor sports and communicating with illustrious athletes will help students successfully pass exams, to begin on June 1, 2017.

After that, music broke out and the Olympians began to appear on the stage, one after another. Elena Zamolodchikova and Alexander Lesun arranged a race around the educational building for young people. Tatyana Volosozhar showed them a few exercises from the arsenal of figure skaters. Her example was followed by the rest of the athletes. And in pauses  professional musicians and singers performed in front of the students.

The party was definitely a success!

Sophia Velicaya said: ‘I hope that today’s drill with Olympic champions will help students recharge their energy and mood for the spring examination session, strengthen their health and give them moral courage. I also studied in these walls and today I would like to once again thank the dean of the faculty Elena Khalipova and the whole pedagogical staff for their work.’

Tatyana Volosozhar said: ‘I always take part in such events with pleasure. Especially if they are held where you yourself studied recently! Today I showed the exercises that, figure skaters usually use during warm-up. There were a lot of smiles, and therefore, I achieved my goal – to give all flash mob participants positive emotions.’

Alexander Lesun said: ‘This is the first time I took part in such a party and I do not regret that I came. Athletes should participate in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, in the formation of the younger generation’s need for physical activity.’

 A sweet surprise was waiting for the participants at the end of the Olympic Drill  – a huge festive cake!