Olympic lesson was held at the Moscow School of Economics

Alexander Zhukov, the head of the ROC, double Olympic champion and a winner of the Sochi Games Olga Zaitseva, and six-time Sochi Paralympics gold medalist Roman Petushkov visited Moscow Economic School, located in the village of Zaytsevo, Moscow region.

April 1-5, 2014 Olympic Lessons are held in several regions of the country within the framework of the joint project of the Russian Olympic Committee and Sports FM radio.  They are coincided with the International Day of Sport, which is celebrated on April 6 starting this year. This day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly.

Today’s meeting began with the tour of the school building, conducted by the students. Alexander Zhukov , Olga Zaitseva and Roman Petushkov examined gym, took a look at the children’s works dedicated to the Olympic Games and the history of the sports.

After that, the guests had an opportunity to communicate with the students in informal surroundings. And once again the kids surprised the athletes – they sang an Olympic song to them. According to tradition at the beginning of the Olympic lesson children did physical exercises, led by the biathlete Olga Zaitseva.

Next, the ROC President Alexander Zhukov address an audience. He spoke about the Olympic values, the Sochi Olympic Games, the torch relay and much more.

“I have been to many Olympics, but in Sochi there was a special atmosphere. I talked to many athletes and officials, and by all accounts, these were the best Olympic Games in history”, – said Alexander Zhukov.

The champions told the kids about their ways to gold medals, about the difficulties of sports and about the qualities needed to win.

“All my life I have been doing one sport – biathlon – said Olga Zaitseva. – It is my life, my work, my everything. The athletes are not always successful sometimes they lose. Coping with this is very difficult. Those who manage to do that, pursue their goals. You need to be goal-oriented and, despite everything, follow your dream”.

“What can I wish you? First of all, you should listen to your parents. They never wish you harm and they will always support you”, – added the Olympic champion.

“I would like to wish you health and happiness. I wish you to always listen to your parents and teachers – at least 80 percent – said Petushkov. – I myself was a child, and used to disobey. Disagreements with the coach also happened sometimes. So I know what I am talking about. But we overcame everything. Thanks to everyone who was there and who helped me to achieve my goal”.

Roman Pyetushkov stressed that conducting such a lesson was an honor for him: “Sometimes tough moments occur in sports, sometimes I don’t feel like training — it happens at least three times a month, but you have to force yourself and then the result will appear. It’s the same in the studies!”

At the end of the Olympic lesson the kids took part in a relay – they were divided into three teams headed by Olga Zaitseva, Roman Petushkov and Maria Kiseleva. Alexander Zhukov was judging the competition. After the sporting events the head of the ROC presented the Olympic torch and a book about the history of the Olympic Winter Games to the school and Olga Zaitseva presented the ROC pennant autographed by the members of the Russian biathlon team.

The ROC regularly organizes meetings with the students to introduce children to sports. On these lessons students learn about the Olympic values and the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and sports included in their programmes. Students, in their turn, share their knowledge of the world of sports and show their progress. With great interest they learn the details of staging the Games from the participants themselves.