Innovation Center was opened in the ROC

On Wednesday, May 28, a momentous event for Russian sports happend – an Innovation Center was opened within the walls of the Russian Olympic Committee. This Innovation Center will become a platform for the development of new projects of the ROC and their implementation into the athletes’ workout sessions. President of the ROC Alexander Zhukov,  Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin and Gazprom spokesman and Deputy Head of the Information and Communications Department of Gazprom Sergei Kupriyanov attended the opening ceremony.

The establishment of the Innovation Center in the Russian Olympic Committee was a logical continuation of the hard work done by the ROC. In recent years the ROC has systematically implemented policy aimed at enhancing the role of innovative component in the preparation of high-level athletes. From 2012 until the beginning of the Sochi Olympic Games the Russian Olympic Committee has initiated and implemented special projects that contributed to the successful performance of the Russian Olympic team at the Games.

Establishing this Innovation Center, the Russian Olympic Committee expands the opportunities of methodological and practical support of high performance sport in Russia, at the same time forming a fundamentally new, modern and highly effective mechanism of cooperation with sports federations when implementing innovative approaches to the Olympic training.

“At present, much is spoken about the Sochi’s legacy, which is very diverse. It includes broad infrastructure with great stadiums and arenas and economic legacy for resort development and a great athletic legacy as well. We have decided to create an Innovative center with the help of our partners from Gazprom. Advanced sports equipment and 21st century technologies are gathered in this center now – said the President of the ROC Alexander Zhukov.

– They were successfully used to prepare our athletes for the Sochi Games, and will be used in the future, because of their flexibility, therefore they will also be used by our summer athletes in preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Here one can find the equipment for monitoring the effectiveness of training process conducted under any conditions – for example, in the middle and high altitude regions. One can use it not only to test the physical capabilities of an athlete, but also to prepare the inventory”.

Six laboratories are presented in the Innovation Center – elite sport laboratory, laboratory for sports technologies, information laboratory, mountain training laboratory, body laboratory and hemolaboratory. They provide an opportunity to conduct the whole range of athlete analysis and accompany his training process. Beyond that experts of the Innovation Center participate in the development of special projects of the ROC — “Improving the sliding properties of cross-country and alpine skis and snowboards”, “Improving athletes’ functional preparedness with the use of tools and methods of extra hypoxic exposure”, “Improving athletes’ specific preparedness with the use of dynamic electromyostimulation”, “Creating hardware-software complex for testing strength and aerobic capacity of the shoulder girdle muscles and gradual training”, “Technology of functional athletes’ performance  based on the  complex methods using warmed helium-oxygen mixture”.

It should be noted that the ROC has purchased the equipment for the center using the funds of Gazprom, and construction and installation works were carried out with financial support from the ROC partners –  Aeroflot and Visa company and using the funds of the ROC.

“We are pleased with the partnership that we have built over recent years, as we can see actual result in the victory of our team at the Olympic Games and in the facilities, technologies, techniques and equipment that can be used in the future”, –  said Gazprom spokesman and Deputy Head of the Information and Communications Department of Gazprom Sergei Kupriyanov.

The ROC Innovation Center is destined to become the intelligent databank accumulating various technological, innovative and scientific resources, and facilitating the development and practical application of  advanced sports technologies to prepare Russian athletes for the Olympic Games.

The ROC Innovation Center. Summary of information:

The Innovation Center was created to preserve and develop Olympic heritage resulting from the implementation of special projects of the ROC and other activities within  the framework of Russian athletes’ preparation for and participation in the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games. Its activities are focused on the implementation of initiatives and functions that are not included in the system of scientific and methodological support  established by the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation and first and foremost it is:

  • carrying out applied research in the field of high performance sport and Olympic reserve training, not included in the list of the unified state information system accounting research, development and technological works;
  • organizing seminars and refresher courses for the coaches, bringing professional qualifications of the Russian coaches and sports experts in line with the international methodological standards;
  • creating a data bank on the Olympic training, including Olympic hybrid library — film funding, audio recordings, computer presentations, books, textbooks and manuals and technical support for creating and viewing funding materials;
  • introducing modern sports and information technologies into the Olympic training practice;
  • developing a common approach to the creation of a system of athletes’ functional status continuous monitoring and evaluating the results of the competitive activity, both team and individual.

Technological Infrastructure of the Innovation Center:

  1. Mobile laboratory
  2. Technological platform located in the ROC
  3. Regional Offices of the ROC IC

Mobile laboratory that has successfully proven itself during 2013 was designed to provide resources for special projects of the ROC during field work in the period of trainings and sporting contests (field studies) and when  implementing the results of the special projects into the training system of the Russian Olympic team.

Technological platform located in the ROC is designed to organize and conduct special steady-state projects of the ROC:

  • applied scientific researches;
  • surveys of athletes-candidates for the Russian Olympic team and promising young athletes representing the Olympic reserve;
  • data management;
  • advice for coaches and experts of all-Russian sports federations and regional offices of the ROC Innovation Center;
  • seminars and courses for coaches and experts;
  • lectures, seminars and workshops for students of industry-specific colleges in accordance with the programs of organizational practice.