A Research and Practice Seminar based on the experimental results of the special projects was opened at the ROC

On Thursday, October 24, a Research and Practice Seminar based on the experimental results of the ROC special projects  was started at the ROC. Vladimir Sengleev, the Executive Director of the ROC gave an opening speech.

“Over a short period of time we managed to do a great deal. I suppose, the creation of the authoritative Scientific Advisory Board that works effectively is our main achievement. The best scientific staff and the leading practitioners of our country have joined this Board.

Today we present the results of this work – our projects. I am sure that they will be of interest to the coaches and the leaders of the federations. By the way, all our methods  are easy to introduce and sports federations are using them now. We are now working in close cooperation with many of them. All trends that we represent are working now. These methods can be applied in Sochi. We have already worked out the logistics and the equipment is ready for use.

I hope that as a result of this Seminar the list of our partners will expand. I wish you effective work”, – said the  Executive Director.

The Seminar will last for two days. During these days six projects of the Russian Olympic Committee will be presented.

October 24 (Thursday)

  • The technology and definition and treatment of cardiorespiratory diseases in athletes
  • The study of ways to improve ski and snowboard sliding by applying a pattern to the sintered base
  • A Testing of the strength and aerobic capacities of the shoulder muscles

October 25 (Friday)

  • Using  dynamic electrical myostimulation in sports training
  • Using additional artificial hypoxic influenceS in sports training
  • The impact of electric stimulation on the cinematics, economical efficiency of the equipment and the skiers ‘explosive’ strength

The members of the ROC Executive Committee headed by the ROC President – Aleksandr Zhukov – will visit the Research and Practice Seminar on the second day.