Heart Stain and Myocardial Diseases Conference was held at the ROC

On Friday, the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) turned into a lecture hall, meeting room and even a kind of an operating room. Europe’s leading cardiologists paid a short visit to the capital of Russia to participate in the Conference Heart Stain and Myocardial Diseases. Innovations in diagnosis and treatment.

Meeting of this kind is held within the walls of the ROC for the third time. It continues a series of measures to modernize the health care industry and to improve people’s health. The Conference is organized by the Russian Olympic Committee, with the participation of the European Society of Cardiology Working Group on Myocardial and Pericardial Diseases, which includes Professor William McKenna, Heinz-Peter Schultheiss and Konstantin Borisov who presented reports to the Russian audience.

Executive Director of the Russian Olympic Committee Vladimir Sengleev greeted the participants and guests of the conference. He noted the significance of the actual event and wished interesting and fruitful work to the participants and guests of the seminar.

Ten reports raising most pressing questions in the field of cardiology in sports medicine were presented to the audience.

Heart Stain is a heart muscle thickening that occurs as a result of prolonged and intense exercise mainly in professional athletes – said the professor, MD, Advisor to the Executive Director of the ROC Konstantin Borisov. – At this Conference, we have set a goal to tell native specialists in detail about the ways to diagnose athlete’s cardiovascular system used in European professional sports and to analyze cases of sudden deaths among professional athletes and most frequent diseases.

In addition to this problem, the participants discussed a number of important topics affecting the problems of myocardial diseases and cardiomyopathies.

Between two theoretical parts of the Conference the organizers delivered a masterclass, where research protocols and methods of diagnosing cardiovascular diseases were demonstrated. The masterclass was organized as a practical component of the meeting so that the participants could not only learn more about the matter under discussion, but also have a chance to see how the leading foreign experts in this field are doing their job.

The Сonference was organized with the participation of the Russian Olympic Committee, the German-Russian Association for the treatment of myocardial diseases and cardiomyopathies and Berlin Institute for cardinal diagnosis and therapy in order to work out a strategy for the development of sports medicine and to create a favorable ground for cooperation between the representatives of different countries in respect of the most important issues of modern medicine.