A meeting of the Ethics Commission was held in the ROC

On  Thursday, September 20, a scheduled meeting of the Ethics Commission was held in the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC). It was held under the chairmanship of Svetlana Zhurova, State Duma Deputy and Olympic Champion.

The list of participants: Igor Kazikov, Director-Head of the Main Department for Assuring the Participation in the Olympic Sports Events of the ROC, Professor, Boris Polyaev, President of the Russian Association of Sports Medicine of the  Russian Natural Sciences Academy and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Sergey Neverkovich, Professor, Doctor of Education, Head  of the Department of the Russian  State  University  of  Physical  Education, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education, Yury Sisoev, Professor, Doctor of Education, Nikolay Korotaev, President of the Humanitarian Programs Development Fund, Lev Stepanov, Senior Lawyer of the ROC Law Department, and representatives of some sports federations

The high performance sport ethics specialists from the coaching councils of the all-Russian sports federations completed questionnaires.  The results of these questionnaires were presented to the members of the Commission. The most critical issues related to ethics in Russian sport were defined basing on these results. The questionnaire results implicitly showed the necessity of creating a code of regulated recommendations for professional athletes who appear in the international competitions.

Members of the Commission considered the necessity of developing a set of “Rules of Conduct for Russian Athletes on the Russian National Team during XXII Winter Olympic Games 2014”. Following this discussion it was decided that this code of rules should be improved with the use of the experience of those National Olympic Committees, that have already been applying similar rules to their athletes. The final design will be presented to the Commission and to the ROC Executive Committee at the end of October this year.

At the end of 2010 the IOC addressed the National Olympic Committees with a request to strengthen ethics influence over sports federations and associations. In support of this idea the ROC has created the Ethics Commission and worked out its goals.

To form moral standards for Olympic athletes, to organize a system for future athletes ethics education, and to assist in conflict resolution in sports are among the main priorities of the ROC Ethics Commission.

The new code of behavior for the members of the Russian national team during the XXII Winter Olympic Games 2014 will also be discussed at the scheduled meeting of the authority controlling the preparations of the Russian national teams for the XXII Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi.