The XVII All-Russian Festival of students of sports universities gets underway in St. Petersburg

The XVII All-Russian Festival of students of sports universities will open on Tuesday, October 7, at the Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sports and Health in Saint Petersburg with funding from the Russian Olympic Committee.

Students, postgraduates and teachers, representing 14 country’s leading sports educational institutions, will gather at the Kavgolovo educational-training center, where they will participate in various competitions and events in the framework of the festival. Its purpose is to improve the system of Olympic education, to expand the experience of organising Olympic education and to promote the ideals of Olympism in sports institutions, as well as to reveal students’ level of Olympic knowledge and foster the desire for harmonious development of physical and mental abilities among the students.

“This festival is perhaps a unique complex event, which, as a litmus test, allows to reveal the quality of the organization of educational, scientific, methodological and sports activities in sports institutions. Thus it allows to some extent to take stock of the universities in key areas of their activities and set out courses and priorities in these areas for the future”, – said Head of the ROC Olympic Education Department Alexander Kontanistov.

The festival of students, postgraduates, leading professors and scientists of the Russian sports universities originated in 1996. It was founded by the rectors of the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture Vasily Gromyko and the Russian State Academy of Physical Culture Valery Kuzin, as well as the head of the State Committee for Physical Culture and Tourism Victor Borisov. Over the years the festival has become a bright holiday, demonstrating how physical education and sports can help improve health and organize interesting leisure activities for all categories of the population.

The festival will last until October 9.