The 7th Energy of Victories national sports journalism festival will end on November 24

The main national sports journalism festival contest Energy of Victories is traditionally held by the Russian Olympic Committee together with Gazprom with the participation of the the Federation of Sports Journalists of Russia. In 2017 333 projects  were  approved for  participation. 74 of these were delivered by national media representatives, 240 by the representatives of  62 regions of Russia, and 19 projects were delivered by representatives of foreign Russian-language media from 10 countries.

The jury:

  • Victor Gusev, the sports commentator of the First channel, member of the Russian TV Academy, laureate of the TEFI;
  • Nikolai Dolgopolov, President of the Federation of Sports Journalists of Russia , Vice-President of the International sports press Association, Deputy editor-in-chief of the Russian Newspaper;
  • Lev Rossoshik, Vice-President of the European Sports Press Union;
  • Sergei Kivrin, photojournalist, laureate of Russian and international contests;
  • Igor Rabiner, reporter of the Sport-Express newspaper, the double prize-winner of the festival-competition Energy victories;
  • Alexander Ukhov, renown journalist, member of the Academy of Russian TV and the Eurasian Academy of television and radio;
  • Maria Rakova, chief editor of the National Control magazine, editor in chief, founder of the БМ24 network edition.

Winners were determined in the following categories:

  • Best TV Report/Film/Coverage (separately for the Russian Federal TV channels, Russian regional channels, foreign Russian-speaking channels);
  • The Best Radio Report (separately for the Russian Federal radio, Russian regional radio stations, foreign Russian-language radio stations);
  • Best Article (separately for Federal print/ online publications, Russian regional print/ online publications, foreign Russian-language print/ online publications);
  • Best Photo Report/Coverage (separately for Federal print/ online publications, Russian regional print/ online publications, foreign Russian-language print/ online publications).

The organizers of the Festival-competition established and four additional nominations:

  • Special prize “For outstanding contribution and development of sports journalism in Russia”;
  • Special prize Patriarch;
  • Special prize For outstanding achievements;
  • Special prize “the Future of sports journalism”.

The events, timed to the solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the VII Festival competition Energy of Victories, that will be held on 23 and 24 November. Predrag Milinkovic (Secretary-General of the European sports press Union), Igor Vladimirov (press attache of the RFU), Dmitry Guberniev (Advisor to the General Director of broadcasting company “Russia”), Maxim Demkiv (famous TV and radio journalist) and Julia Baranova (psychologist, author of training) will give workshops and seminars in several areas for the participants.