Vladimir Sengleev: “There was not a single abstract question at the Forum of NOCs of CIS, Baltic States and Georgia”

Baku hosted a regional Forum of National Olympic Committees (NOC) of CIS, Baltic States and Georgia. The Russian delegation was headed by the Director General of the ROC Vladimir Sengleev.

– This Forum is a traditional event. It is held every year to exchange experiences and discuss issues related to the development of the Olympic movement in the republics of former Soviet Union, – said Vladimir Sengleev in an interview to the ROC Information Service. As a participant of the five recent forums, I can say that every year the agenda and content of the reports are becoming more diverse: heads of the NOCs have something to tell and something to be proud of. It can not but rejoice!

Mass sport is becoming one of the priorities of the National Olympic Committees. Following the example of the ROC our colleagues run projects aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle and the Olympic values. I must say that in some countries showed creative approach to the organization of the Olympic day. Every participant of the sports festival receives a passport, where all his activities are marked. Anyone can try their hand at 47 sports! I think that this idea is especially attractive for children. In my opinion, it is worth taking  note of…

Aldonis Vrublevskis, President of the NOC of Latvia, made a report ‘The Entire Class Engaged in Sport». In Latvian schools, just like in our, they always had two lessons of physical education. But enthusiasts proved that daily exercise has  positive influence on the overall academic results of the child.

For the experiment, we chose six schools where children were engaged in physical exercise every day. The program has been so effective that it is now implemented in more than 80 percent of secondary schools of Latvia! It is funded not only by the municipal budget but also be the parents. And I was a little surprised to hear that. Also our Latvian colleagues took the example of our Olympic Patrol project. They also actively involve Olympians who tell children about their sports victories, acquaint them with the history of the Olympic movement and Olympic values.

Great interest was aroused by the report of the Ukrainian NOC Executive Committee member, Professor Vladimir Platonov, who is a recognized expert in the field of high performance sport. He spoke about new trends affecting professional sports.

Speaking about the preparation of athletes for Russian national teams Vladimir criticized the system of rewarding coaches working with juniors. In the pursuit of money rewards and other material goods, they often put the athletes through the wringer. The sad result is the following: having achieved success in the youth Olympic Games or festivals, the young players can’t perform at a higher level because of health problems. According to Platonov, Olympic competitions at the youth level have long turned into the race results, and this entails negative consequences for high performance sport.

I want to stress that in the beginning youth tournaments under the Olympic flag were conceived primarily to ensure that their members receive necessary experience of big competitions, get acquainted with each other, with culture, sporting traditions of other countries, become part of the large Olympic family. It is not about winning at any cost.

The Russian delegation was very much  involved in the Forum. In particular, the Deputy Head of the ROC Main Department for Participation in the Olympic Sporting Events Alexander Grushin has acquainted colleagues with such an important activity of the ROC as helping to improve sports training and enhancing the professional competence of physical culture and sports personnel in the regions. And President of the Russian Sports Medicine Federation Boris Polyaev devoted his report to the subject of athletes’ health.

Among other events I would highlight the report of Marina Bulatova, President of the Olympic Academy of Ukraine, member of the IOC Olympic Culture and Legacy Commission, devoted to Olympic education. In Ukraine they get acquainted with   Olympic values in kindergarten and learn more about it throughout all stages of schooling. The amount of sports literature, published in the country on this topic, was impressing. It is definitely a good example to follow.

Advisor to the President of the NOC of Kazakhstan Bakhytzhan Ordabaev spoke about the new system of determining the basic kinds of sport in the Republic, according to which now the national Olympic Committee receives funding from the state and then allocates funds to the national federations. It is based on the number of people going in and popularity of sport among the people. Now this criterion is also considered, not only athletes’ success at international arena.

Secretary General of the NOC of Belarus George Katulin reported on the preparations for the II European games to be held in 2019 in Minsk. Since we were in Baku, it was impossible not to recall the excellent organization of the first European Games. And the Forum as well was held at the highest level. Participants were able to communicate with the Azerbaijani President and concurrently Head of the NOC of the Republic, Ilham Aliyev, visited beautiful sports venues in the Azerbaijani capital, visited one of the matches of the Women’s European Volleyball Championship. I should say that the Azerbaijan’s National Olympic Committee celebrated its 25th anniversary more than worthily.

In general, the Forum reiterated its practical approach. It’s agenda was not one abstract issue, and the participation of both European and Asian NOCs, undoubtedly  makes it unique, underscores the diversity of the modern Olympic movement.