Olympians Ball 2016 was held in Moscow

The Russian Olympians Ball 2016 was held on 8 December at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall. This year it was devoted to the Russian Olympic team’s successful performance at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

By tradition, the solemn event was organized by the Russian Olympic Committee.

The major event was attended by more than 1,000 people – participants of the Rio Olympics, legendary Russian Olympians, outstanding Russian coaches, heads of the All-Russian sports federations, prominent public figures, CEOs of the companies, partners of the ROC.

A symbolic  farewell ceremony for the outgoing sports year was held in a bright and at the same time warm atmosphere, created by the moderators of the solemn event – five-time Olympic champion Svetlana Romashina and sports commentator, Head of the ROC Information Service Konstantin Vybornov.

Baltika Breweries has traditionally been the prime sponsor of the Russian Olympians Ball 2016. The company makes great efforts to develop national sport and pays substantial attention to fostering of responsible beer consumption culture among fans.

Before the official part of the event, guests could leave their wishes for our team, that will go to Korea in two years and  raise a glass of Baltika beer to the Russian team’s victories in Rio. Later a solemn ceremony was held  in the general partner’s zone.  Baltika company President Jacek  Pastuszka and the ROC president Alexander Zhukov took part in the ceremony. Both sides expressed confidence in the successful performance of our team at the coming 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea.

‘We have reliable partnership relations with the Baltika company. Togerther we have undertaken a large number of successful joint projects: we worked in Sochi together, paved our way to Rio and we have been hosting the Russian Olympians Ball together for many years. We appreciate the support of our partners, who share our  desire to achieve set goals and help us move forward for the prosperity of Russian sport and the Olympic movement!’ – said  Alexander Zhukov.

The main event of the Ball was honouring the heroes of the Rio Games. Champions and prizewinners of the XXXI Olympic Games were awarded memorable rings with Olympic symbols on them. The Russian Olympic Committee introduced this tradition in 2014, to commemorate athletes’ special status  and their services to the country.

The rings were made by the ADAMAS company,  official supplier to the Russian Olympic Committee. Each of the 104 pieces of jewelry was made to suit individual hand size, and on the inside of the ring the owner’s last name was carved.

The gala evening began with the speech of Igor Levitin, Aide to the President of the Russian Federation, Vice President of the Russian Olympic Committee. He read out President Putin’s message to the Olympians. After that, athletes  received congratulations from the ROC  President, member of the IOC,  Alexander Zhukov; Honorary President of the ROC,  Honorary  member of the IOC, Vitaliy Smirnov; Minister of sport of the Russian Federation, Fencing Olympic champion , Pavel Kolobkov;  member of the IOC, two-time  Pole Vault Olympic champion, Yelena Isinbayeva and other officials.

One of the striking events of the occasion was the traditional awarding ceremony by the prime sponsor of the Russian Olympians Ball – Baltika Breweries. Sports support  and development are among  its key focus areas. 

This year the Baltika company has established a special  nomination ‘For golden contribution to the development of  sport’. Two-time Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR and  Honored Fencing coach of the Russian Federation, Ilgar Mamedov, was awarded  this nomination for his outstanding contribution to our team’s victory   at the Rio Olympics.

Awarding these presents, President of the Baltika company, Jacek  Pastuszka, emphasized that:

‘Business and sport have much in common. First,  in business, just like in sport, we are  being judged by our achievements and results. Secondly, business, as well as sport, is based on teamwork. Teamwork stands even behind the results of single athletes. Thirdly, we work only with professionals. In sport such professionals are coaches and mentors, who  are always with the athletes. And we would like to present the award in our nomination to such professional – Ilgar Mamedov, a person, who had led the Russian national Fencing team to victory in Rio. Thank you for passing your priceless experience to the Olympians and for inspiring them for new records.’

‘I am very grateful for your kind words, and for your support. Without it our Olympians would have never enjoyed the full taste of victory! We will continue training and preparing for the new records for the prosperity of Russian sport,’ – promised  Ilgar Mamedov in his response.

One of the most touching moments of the gala night was when a famous swimmer, Alexander Sukhorukov got down on one knee and proposed to his beloved, Rhythmic Gymnastics Rio Olympic champion   Margarita Mamun. The girl said yes.

Alexander Zhukov, President of the ROC:

‘The Olympians Ball has   long ago become our good tradition. It is a big event, organized by the ROC together with its partners primarily for athletes and coaches, whose hard work is worthy of the highest praise. This year the whole country, millions of fans, supported our Olympians during their performance in Rio. And today, with great pleasure, we honour our heroes, who proved that Russian sport was  still rich of unique talents and that we had desire and ability to win in fair sports fight.’

Nikolay Sidorov, CEO of the FUTURE private pension fund:

‘To this day, the Olympic Games continue to support the original  competition  spirit and high level of professionalism in sport. Such principles as competence, ability to hold the leadership at long distances are consistent with our values and our business. It is important for us to support this ideology at the international level and say farewell to the outgoing sports year together with the athletes.’

Yelena Bezdenezhnykh, Vice President – State Secretary- Head of the Unit for Cooperation with Nornickel authorities:

‘Nornickel has long-term close partnership relations with the ROC. The company  seeks to support major sporting  projects, aimed not only at the Olympic movement development but also at healthy lifestyle propaganda in the regions, where the company works and in the whole country. This is an important element of our social policy. That is why we respect and appreciate outstanding achievements of the  athletes,  representing our country at the competitions of the  highest level. Their victories are the result of their selfless work and the example of great willpower and of confronting new challenges. We are sure that such support  from the Olympic movement will guarantee future victories to Russian athletes.’

The Baltika company, general partner of the Russian Olympic Ball 2016

Baltika Breweries  company is one of the largest companies in Russia in the sphere of consumer goods production. It has been No. 1 on the Russian beer market since 1996.  Baltika owns 8 plants in Russia, enjoying a wide portfolio of brands. Supporting  and developing  sports at different levels, working with fans and  fostering a responsible  beer consumption culture have always been and are still among the company’s top priorities. Baltika Breweries was the Official Supplier in the beer category for the  Olympic Games in Sochi and the   Russian Olympic Team Fans House partner in Rio. Company’s brands have been honored with more than 650 awards at the international and Russian contests.

The ADAMAS jewelry company, partner of the Russian Olympic Ball 2016

The ADAMAS company was founded in 1993. Today  ADAMAS is the largest jewellery manufacturer. Its retail network is among TOP 3 in jewelry retail (234 stores in 75 cities of the Russian Federation). ADAMAS is one of the most sought after jewellery brands in Russia. According to expert estimates, more than 50 million Russians are now owners of ADAMAS jewellery pieces.

ADAMAS is an official supplier of medals and cups for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, Formula-1, World Chess Championships 2014 and 2015, the International Bodybuilding Contest within the Power Pro Show. The design of the  First European Games (BAKU 2015) medals was also created by ADAMAS.

The FUTURE Non-State Pension Fund, general partner of the Russian Olympic Ball 2016

The FUTURE NSPF is a non-state pension fund, which  carries out   mandatory  pension insurance activities  and non-government pension insurance activities. It was  established on the basis of the BLAGOSOSTOYANIE OPS  non-state pension fund and the StalFund  non-state pension fund. It is part of the Future financial  group and of the System of guaranteeing insured’s rights. According to the Central Bank of Russia, as of 30 June 2016, it ranks second  in the number  of   clients  (3.7 millions insured), third in the pension savings  level (232 milliards of roubles). It occupies 185th position in the RBC rating 500 Largest Russian Companies.

The Nornickel company, general partner of the Russian Olympic Ball 2016

Nornickel is the world’s largest producer of base metals. The company has been supporting Russian sport for a long time. It is general partner of the Russian Olympic Committee.

Support of high performance sport, mass sports development and healthy lifestyle promotion are major elements of Nornickel’s  social policy.

The company acts as general partner to the  Russian Olympic Committee and the  Russian Olympic team, provides support to the key Olympic venue – Rosa Khutor, year-round mountain resort. It also acts as general partner to the XXIX Winter Universiade, to be held in 2019, in Krasnoyarsk,   to the Russian Football team and to the Football Union of Russia, as well as the Legends Cup Hockey tournament, the International University Sports Federation (FISU), the all-Russian project Futsal in School – Subarctic Region, the Arctic Cup international  Curling tournament. It owns the CSKA professional basketball club and the Norilsk Nickel  Futsal  club.

Art, Science and Sport charity fund

The  Russian Olympic Committee thanks the Art, Science and Sport charity fund for support. The Fund was founded by a Russian entrepreneur and patron Alisher Usmanov to assist in the organisation of important public art, culture and sports events, and in realization of scientific,  educational and social projects on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Willing to contribute to the development and promotion of sport in Russia, the Fund supports sports clubs and federations, assists in the organisation and staging of professional and  amateur competitions, encourages young athletes, participates in the programmes, promoting healthy lifestyle and physical activities.

The Fund cooperates with  organizations, developing Fencing, Basketball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Judo and other kinds of sport, at both   international and  national levels.

The Art, Science and Sport charity fund also  sponsors    inclusive projects, aimed at involving disabled people in sports.

As President of the International Fencing Federation, founder of the  Art, Science and Sport charity fund, Alisher Usmanov actively promotes the development of this sport all over the world.

He founded the following international charity funds: For the Future of Fencing and Fencing VeteransSupport Fund.

Mr. Usmanov was a member of the  Public Council for the Preparation of the 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi and now he is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Olympic Support Foundation. He supportred Russia’s bid to host the 21st FIFA World Cup.

The Russian  Olympic Committe all-russian union of non-governmental associations

The Russian  Olympic Committe (ROC) all-russian union of non-governmental associations is a  non-governmental association – a union of legal entities,  non-governmental sports associations.  The ROC is an independent, voluntary, non-governmental, autonomous, non-commercial sports association, recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).