Alexander Zhukov will hold an Olympic lesson in the Moscow School

On September 3, the President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov will hold an Olympic lesson in the University school of Moscow City Teachers’ Training University.

Together with the head of the ROC, the General Secretary of the Russian Paralympic Committee Mikhail Terentiev, London-2012 Olympic Games champion in rhythmic gymnastics Aliya Mustafina and silver medallist of Turin-2006 in luge Albert Demchenko will become teachers.

Before the beginning of the Olympic lesson Aliya Mustafina will show the schoolchildren Olympic setting-up exercises, after which Alexander Zhukov will tell the children about the Sochi Winter Olympic Games that will start in February and about the Paralympic games. He will inform them about the Olympic values. In addition the champion of the London 2012 and the prize-winner of Turin-2006 will share their impressions about the performance at the Olympic games.

The participant of the six Paralympic games and the winner of numerous medals, Mikhail Terentiev will tell the schoolchildren about the Paralympic games. After the question and answer session participants will be able to get autographs of famous Olympic teachers and to make commemorative pictures.

Olympic lessons are held by the Russian Olympic Committee with the support of the Sochi 2014 organizing Committee for the third year in a row. The Olympic lessons are held in the ordinary secondary schools, not in the sports schools. This is done on purpose, in order to initiate  as many children as possible into sports, to tell them about the Olympic history, the Olympic values and to acquaint them with the Olympic sports.

On September 3 the Olympic lesson will be held in several regions of the country. In Krymsk, for example, a meeting with the schoolchildren will hold the Vice-President of the ROC, five-time Olympic Synchronized Swimming champion Anastasia Davydova. In Sochi the role of the teacher will be taken by the two-time Olympic Biathlon champion Svetlana Ishmuratova, in Novosibirsk – twice Olympic Biathlon champion Anna Bogaliy and two-time Olympic Sprint champion Victor Markin, and in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – two-time Olympic Boxing champion Oleg Saitov.