Darya Ustinova qualified for the European Championships and the Youth Olympic Games

On the second day of the Russian Swimming Championships Darya Ustinova, the representative of Sverdlovsk region, won the 200 meter backstroke, reached the qualifying standard for the European Championships and broke her own junior world record, set in the semifinal of the competition (2:09.02 against 2:08.02).

“I am glad that I have set a new junior world record, but I expected to swim even faster. I can not make any promises about the results of the European Championships, but will try very hard – said the athlete. – We have not decided yet, if I would go to the Youth Olympic Games or to the European Championships this August. I really want to become an Olympic champion among juniors, and I also want to compete in the European Championships, but I hardly have time to perform at both competitions”.

Veronika Popova became the champion of Russia in the 100m freestyle with a time of 54.21 seconds. This  time allowed the athlete to qualify for the Berlin European Championships in this event.

“I am dissatisfied with the time as I wanted to break the Russian record – admitted the athlete. – I could feel the competition, all the girls are in good shape and ready to swim fast. We’ll see how things go. Currently  young athletes are showing good results, and in the first lineup Vika Andreeva and Rita Nesterova are performing well. I think in Europe will swim even faster”.

Nikita Ulyanov from the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District – Yugra won the 100 meter backstroke (54.08) and met the qualifying standard for the European Championships.

“There’s no chance to slip off the new launch pad for backstrokers, at least for me. I used to slip off and often lost because of this, so now I am not afraid and I can start confidently – said Nikita Ulyanov, answering journalists’ questions about the new launch pad for backstrokers. – I met the qualifying standard, in general I am pleased with the results – I showed good and decent time, but I still want to swim faster than 54 seconds”.

Four athletes at once have qualified for the European Championship in 200m breaststroke – Alexander Platonov, Grigoriy Falkao, Ilya Khomenko and Kyril Prigoda.

Yana Martynova won a second victory in the tournament, this time in the 200m butterfly event, but her result — 2:10.85 – was not enough to qualify.

Avanstasia Ivanenko, the representative of the Republic of Komi, was leading in the 400 meters freestyle. “Four hundred meters is not my distance, but I’m very glad that I won, because I did not expect it. It was important for me to become one of the three prize winners – Anastasia said. – My favorite events are 800m and 1,500m freestyle and 400m medley, in which I failed to show good result yesterday. Tomorrow I would like to perform well in 1,500m. Now I am radually getting fit, because heretofore I haven’t trained for a year and a half”.

The winner of the Russian championship in men’s 1,500m freestyle event Kiril Abrosimov, who specializes in open water swimming, failed to meet qualifying standard.

“This was a passing tournament for us. The task was to improve our personal records, to try to qualify for the European Championships and just to practice before the Russian open water championships. Generally speaking, all  objectives were achieved, except reaching the qualifying standard”, – said the athlete.

The team from St. Petersburg consisting of Evgenia Ayzetullova, Alexandra Popkova, Darya Ustinova and Veronika Popova won the final event of the second day of the competition – the mixed 4x100m freestyle relay.

The results of the second day of the Russia Swimming Championships:


1,500 m freestyle

1. Kirill Abrosimov (Moscow Region – Yaroslavl Region) — 15:17.25

2. Evgeny Kulikov (Moscow) — 15:32.19

3. Ernest Maksumov (Tatarstan) — 15:33.22

100 m backstroke

1. Nikita Ulyanov (KhMAD-Yugra) – 54.08

2. Andrei Schabasov (St. Petersburg) – 54.63

3. Vitaliy Borisov (Penza Region) – 54.93

200 m breaststroke

1. Alexander Palatov (Volgograd Region) — 2:10.94

2. Grigoriy Falko (Moscow) — 2:11.45

3. Ilya Khomenko (Rostov Region) — 2:11.60


100 m freestyle

1. Veronika Popova (St. Petersburg) — 54.21

2. Viktoriya Andreeva (Penza Region) – 55.02

3. Margarita Nesterova (Belgorod Region) – 55.23

400 m freestyle

1. Anastasia Ivanenko (Komi Republic) — 4:14.35

2. Arina Openysheva (Krasnoyarsk Territory) — 4:14.69

3. Anna Egorova (Novgorod region) — 4:16.85

200 m backstroke

1. Darya Ustinova (Sverdlovsk Region) -2:08.02 (junior world record, junior Russian record)

2. Alexandra Papusha (Moscow) — 2:10.90

3. Kristina Vershinina (KhMAD-Yugra) — 2:11.68

200 m butterfly

1. Yana Martynova (Republic of Tatarstan) — 2:10.85

2. Darya Shmakova (Omsk Region) — 2:13.49

3. Svetlana Chimrova (Moscow) — 2:13.60


4×100 m Freestyle Relay

1. St. Petersburg (Evgeny Ayzetullov, Alexander Popkov, Darya Ustinova, Veronika Popova) — 3:28.96

2. Belgorod Region (Andrei Chebotarskiy, Elizaveta Bazarova, Anton Makushkin, Margarita Nesterova) — 3:32.37

3. Moscow (Stanislav Stepanov, Valeria Kolotushkina, Rosalia Nasretdinova, Mikhail Polishchuk) — 3:34.03