Elizaveta Tuktamysheva: “I want to restore a triple axel”

After her performance in Shanghai Elizaveta Tuktamysheva was interviewed by a press coordinator of the International Skating Union Tatyana Flade.

– What feelings do you experience now, after winning the stage?

– I experience unusual feelings, forgotten feelings so to say.

– However  this is not your first win of the season.

– But not at the Grand Prix. I still can’t fully understand what happened to me here. But I’m glad that I coped with myself and that I could win a stage and qualify for the final.

– In Oberstdorf  you said that it will be very difficult for you to get to the Grand Prix final.

– Unfortunately, Yulia Lipnitskaya finished her free skating programme not very well here and that somewhat eased my task of getting to the finals. My free skate was not fIawless either, although I was not too worried before going on the ice. I was much more worried on the eve of the short programme.

But, apparently, I relaxed after the first cascade and failed to land a triple lutz cleanly. After that I got a little bothered, it helped me concentrate and finish my programme. Although I was still a little nervous. It was obvious I was trying to secure myself.

– Nevertheless, you dazzled the audience with your skating.

– I tried. When all difficult elements were performed and I was not too tired, I tried to to dazzle the audience. I thought that it was necessary to work out this start up to the end, to do my best.

– Though the audience began to support you with applause from the very beginning of the  program.

– Yes. The same was at the tournament in Finland. Everybody started clapping with the first sounds of music. The same thing happened here in China. And I  praised the audience at the press conference. In general it was pleasant to perform here in Shanghai.

– What was the best moment of your skate?

– When I got on the track. I love my track, I love the final of my program.

But this time, probably the most pleasant moment was when I failed to land a clean salchow and thought wheather to add an axel to it or not. And yet I performed an axel and even received a small plus sign for this jump.

That’s when I was really pleased with myself. I was pleased that I managed to perform all elements flawlessly. Although before each element I was thinking how to avoid mistakes and such thoughts are very distracting.

– No matter whether you thought so or not, but you did  a cascade of triple – triple jumps.

– I could do this cascade in America, but I was just afraid then. And this time decided: no matter how I land my first jump, the main thing was to move forward confidently. In general, I programmed myself to twist and be patient.

– What does this victory mean to you?

– Probably, it means that Lisa Tuktamysheva returned to her former rhythm. Success is important for each athlete. I am no exception. The victory gives us confidence.

And every start, whatever it may be, gives us experience. This start has taught me to fight in any situation, to be patient, to twist and not to think if you can or cannot make it, just go and do it. At this tournament I realized what these words actually mean. We often hear all these phrases from our coaches, but you can listen but not understand.

– Before the Grand Prix Final, you will have a break in the performances. Will you change anything in your programme?

– I am so satisfied with what we have now, that I don’t want to change anything. But we’ll see what the coaches will say. Everything depends on them. If some clever idea will come to their mind, we’ll think about it. I don’t mind.

However all programmes seem quite good to me, both the technical elements and from the point of view of presentation. Probably will try to perform a cascade of triple Lutz – triple toeloop, because I’m doing it at the training sessions and I performed it here.

– Is there an idea to restore triple axel?

I really want to try to restore triple axel. Just wanted to add that, perhaps, we’ll add this jump. But this jump requires a lot of effort and a lot of courage. As a child I wasn’t afraid of anything, I just jumped. However you start to act more thoughtfully over the years. In any case, I can perform triple axel with the right attitude. Maybe you’ll see this jump in my performance this season. But I’m not sure. I can not guarantee anything in advance.