Alexey Rubtsov: ‘The Japanese rooted for me. It’s nice’

The fourth stage of the 2017 Climbing World Cup ended on May 7, 2017,  in Hachioji, Japan. Men’s gold in Bouldering was won by 2009 World champion Alexey Rubtsov of Moscow. In the finals he defeated Japan’s Tomoa Narasaki and Keita Watabe. In   Alexey Rubtsov’s career   this medal is the 11th within the World Cup. Before he  won at the stages in Munich (2015) and Meiringen (2016).

–  Alexey, it’s the first time that you win outside Europe. How   difficult was this victory in comparison with the previous?

– Perhaps, in Meiringen it was easier and in  Munich it was a little harder. But, in principle, I always spend the same amount of effort – squeezing everything out of myself!

 – Your opinion about the organization of the Japanese stage and local fans?

– The Japanese stage is one of the best at the World Cup. The organizers keep the bar high because they need to prepare for the Olympics. The hall was full. They say that the tickets were sold out on the very first day. The Japanese rooted for me, although I was a direct competitor to their athletes. It’s nice.

– During one month you took part in four stages of the World Cup. Did you feel tired in Japan?

– The most difficult are long flights and change of time zones. But I had a rest in  Nanjing before Japan (he smiles), so I was ready.

– Was your 23 place in China an accident, a result of some wrong actions or something else?

– I knew that  Nanjing would be the hardest stage. In addition, I was very tired after Chongqing, I had little rest and as a result I fell ill at the training session two days before the next start. When you are in a good shape, the  immunity is very low and one should be very careful. I didn’t cope with that. I hope, someday we will be accompanied by a doctor at the competitions.

– What would you say about the final trails in Hachioji? Three TOPs is a very good, but at the same time rare result.

– The trails were not very difficult. That is why I managed to show good result.

– Four stages of the 2017 Wrold Cup are behind. How would you rate your performance?

– I failed one stage, but then I was rehabilitated. I am very glad, that in three Asian stages I won two medals and was able to win.

– How do you assess your chances to win in the World Cup overall?

– It’s too early to talk about that. Competitors are very strong, three athletes already have three medals.

– Are you going to Ufa, where on May 26 – 27 the Russian championship in Bouldering will be held?

– No, I’m not going to Ufa. Let the young guys show themselves there!