Nikolai Makarov: ‘Changes in the rules will help reduce the the subjectivity of judging’

Russia national team in Trampolining will begin preparing for the new season on November 10 with the retractor get-together in Novogorsk.  Nikolai Makarov, President and Head Coach of the National Trampoline Federation, told the ROC Information Service about new people in the team, about Rio mistakes and about strategic objectives.

-Renowned athletes and promising youth will gather in Novogorsk. We will start with health screening. We will check everyone’s health condition  on the basis thereof, we will develop a training program. After Rio the participants of the Olympic Games Dmitry Ushakov and Andrey Yudin were taking care of their health. We will need to assess their  ability to exerciseYana Pavlova, who won the  Championship of Russia held in September in Astrakhan, also has to go to the doctors time after time. Our  sport is rather traumatic, and medical service in our country, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired.  Athletes are forced to undergo complex surgeries  abroad.

– Are all leaders of the team still in a cage or some  have ended their careers?

-We haven’t had rejections yet. But it does not mean that the composition will not change. Young athletes can provide serious competition to first and second numbers. For example,  16-year-old Mary Golota from Krasnodar and representative of Taganrog Oleg Seljutin, who hasn’t yet turned 19.

– In 2016 Russian Championship was held under the new rules. Explain what is the gist of those rules?

–  More complex elements were added to the first exercise, and points for horizontal displacements were added to the final amount of points. Of course, the ideal option is to jump high and in the center, but in practice not everyone can cope with that. By the way, Russia   initiated   these changes in the rules. We believe that it will reduce the subjectivity of judging  and at the same time it will make the competition more fascinating.

– Athletes will have to  change their programmes cardinally?

– It is necessary to do that. The next six months are going to be the most difficult , but we will not  speed up preparations. Even though stages of the World Cup began unusually early (in February). The main start of the season is still the World Cup, which will be held next November in Sofia. generally speaking, this tournament will open new Olympic cycle. I hope it is going to be  more successful for us than the previous one. By the way, in 2013 the post-Olympic World Cup was also hosted by the Bulgarian capital. I hope  it would be the only match.

– You called the performance of Russian jumpers in Rio de Janeiro a failure. What was the main reason?

-There were mistakes in the psychological preparation. Functionally and technically the athletes were prepared well enough, but we had problems with the spirit on the last stage.

– Recently you were re-elected for a new term as President of the Trampoline Federation. What, in your opinion, should primarily be done for further development of this sport?

– I can’t answer this question in two words… Of course, it is necessary to increase involvement    of  common people in our sport, it’s the same in any sport. Trampoline parks are growing across the country like mushrooms after rain, but we are concerned about the high injuryrate among those who spend their free time there. It is about specialists’ qualification and safety requirements. There is a lot of work to be done. In addition, I would like children to come to Trampoline sections after amateur sports grounds and take it up professionally. We  should think it over.

–  What about the  infrastructure for serious Trampoline trainings in the regions?

– Very bad. Over the past 20 years, only one sports complex has been built – in Krasnodar. And we have to share with other sports. There is a lack of modern equipment! Russian athletes’ phenomenal performance at the Olympics in Sydney, where Irina Karavaeva and Alexander Moskalenko won two gold medals, could give impetus to the development of  Trampoline sport in our country. But in terms of infrastructure, we did nothing. While in China luxurious gyms were built almost in every province. And the results are obvious: three Olympic medals out of six in Beijing, four – in London, three – in Rio de Janeiro!