Russian climbers won 15 medals at the World Championships-2017!

The Climbing World Championships was held from August 30 to September 10 in Innsbruck. At a record number of participants (about 1,200 athletes) took part in the Championships and it lasted 12 days. The Russian youth team repeated the national record for the number of medals won.

In Innsbruck Russian athletes won 15 medals (4-7-4), as they did in 2012, in Singapore. In the medal standings the Russian team took the third place after the teams of Japan (8-9-7) and the USA (5-3-6). In total, representatives of 14 countries received awards in Austria.

Here are the names of 14 Russian athletes, who stepped onto the podium 15 times in total.

Semyon Ovchinnikov (Krasnoyarsk Territory, coaches Olga Bibik and Yevgeniy Ovchinnikov) – gold in Combined and silver in Bouldering. Semyon was the only Russian who won medals in Innsbruck in two disciplines.

In the Bouldering finals, he climbed three tops, like Rey Kawamata and Ryoei Nukui of the Japan. As a result, positions at the podium were allocated taking into account the number of attempts. Kawamata was the first (6 attempts),  Ovchinnikov was second (8) and  Nukuy  became third (11).

The places in the Combined were distributed on the results of the Speed Lead and Bouldering finalists. Ovchinnikov had second results in Speed and Bouldering, and the third place in the Lead. It was enough for him to claim victory in the Combined.

It should be noted that in Innsbruck for the first time Combined was held in the format of a separate discipline. At the previous world championships, places in the Combined were distributed after the athletes’ performance in three disciplines. This time, for the first time young climbers had to perform in each climbing discipline, and then within the Combined those who reached the finals had to perform one more climb of each discipline during one day. And now after the finals the strongest were determined.

Sergei Rukin (Tyumen Region, coach Vladimir Motovilov) took gold in Speed.

In the World Cup-2016 finals Sergei lost to Gianluca Zodde of Italy, and in Innsbruck he outran his compatriot Georgy Morozov (the Chelyabinsk Region).

Daria Kan (Bashkortostan, the Tyumen Region, coaches Lyubov Stepanova, Sergey Sergeyev, Sergey Sigov) won gold in the Speed.

In 2013, Daria Kan won gold leaving  Margarita Marsanova of the USA behind, in 2014 she outran Anastasia Klochkova (now Golikova), in 2016  she outran Patricia Chudziak of Poland, and now in 2017 she outran Elizaveta Ivanova (the Sverdlovsk Region).

Polina Kulagina (the Krasnoyarsk Territory, coach Olga Bibik) won gold in Speed.

In another Russian final, Polina was 0.41 seconds faster than Daria Potapova (the Chelyabinsk Region).

 – Daria Potapova (the Chelyabinsk Region, coach Sergey Sigov) won silver in Speed.

At her debut World Championships Daria reached the final, where she showed her best time in the tournament – 9.25 seconds.

Luiza Emelyeva (the YNAO, coach Lyudmila Mamayeva) won silver in Bouldering.

In the final, Luiza climbed three routs, spending five attempts on them. As a result, the Russian woman finished second between two American women – Ashima Shiraishi (1st place, four tops) and Brooke Raboutou (3rd place, three tops and nine attempts).

Georgiy Morozov (the Chelyabinsk Region, coaches Sergei Sigov and Natalya Titova) got silver in Speed.

Only 0.31 seconds separated Georgiy from the first place. Nevertheless, he updated his personal record set one year ago in Guangzhou, where Morozov was third.

Anton Kulba (the Krasnoyarsk Territory, coaches Lyubov Zakharova and Nikolay Zakharov) won silver in Speed.

The 3-time winner of the Russian championships  improved his personal record within the framework of the World Championships, losing to Jacopo Stefani of Italy in the final.

Elizaveta Ivanova (Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region, coach Tatyana Semkina) won silver in Speed.

Elizaveta Ivanova is the only one who won medals at the last three World Championships as part of the Russian youth team. She won bronze in 2015, gold in 2016 and silver in 2017 (all in Speed).

Yulia Panteleeva (Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region, coaches Larisa Bychkovskaya, Sergey Sinitsyn) won silver in the Combined.

In the Combined finals, Julia became first in Speed, second in Bouldering and fifth in Lead.

Polina Aksyonova (the Krasnoyarsk Territory, coach Lyubov Zakharova) won bronze in Speed.

Polina has improved her personal record, having suprassed the bronze medalist of the European Championship-2017 Elena Remizova (the Perm Region) in the race for third place.

Kamilla Kushaeva (Bashkortostan, coaches Alexander Kozlov, Valentina Suyundikova) won bronze in Speed.

Another debutant of the World Championships in the race for third place was 0.13 seconds ahead of the  2017 Championship of Russia winner Valeriya Slobodchikova (the Chelyabinsk Region).

Evgeniy Kuzin (the Krasnoyarsk Territory, coach Lyubov Zakharova) won bronze in Speed.

In the bronze race, the 2-time winner of the 2016 Russian Championships  outran Milosz Bujak  of Poland. He was two hundredths of a second ahead!

Ekaterina Baraschuk (KhMAO, coach Sergei Patuta) won bronze in Speed.

Now  Ekaterina has one each of the World Championships medals: gold (2014), silver (2015) and bronze (2017). In the final race in Innsbruck, she surpassed Claire Buhrfeind from the USA.