Silver top of the women’s curling team

The Russian women’s curling team (skip Anna Sidorova, vice skip Margarita Fomina, Alexandra Raeva, Alina Kovaleva, Nkheiruka Ezeh) became the silver medalist of the World Cup for the first time. Today, Canada was stronger, having won its 16th (!) Title in world forums. But the Pyeongchang Olympic Games are yet to come. Our girls will have the opportunity to take revenge there.

Before the finals, experts agreed that the gold medals depended largely on Rachel Homan’s performance. This season is, perhaps, the best in the career of Canada’s national team skip    is almost. This year, her team won the national championship for the third time. It made 27-year-old Homan the youngest three-time winner of the Canadian championship in history.

In Beijing, the Canadian also was on strike, having led her team to the finals without a single defeat. On the other hand, the proximity of gold medals is always a huge psychological burden. Not everyone is able to cope with it.

Homan coped with it, and then some! The effectiveness of the leader of the Canadian national team in the decisive match was 93 percent (!),  and in the first three ends, Homan did not make any small mistakes at all.

Theoretically, it was possible to defeat such a team as Canada if Russian team  had experience of participating in the World Cup finals. But it was their first time. So let’s not demand everything at once. Let’s  congratulate our team on a historical success. Silver medals at the main pre-Olympic tournament will add confidence to the athletes. Now  fans  have the right to expect from the curlers much at the Games in Pyeongchang.

Anna Sidorova: ‘Now we know what it’s like to be in the finals, and this experience will be useful for us at the Olympics. Now we will come home, analyze the mistakes and prepare for the main start of the four-year period. Many thanks to the fans for their support! We felt it, even being a few thousand kilometers away from Russia’.

Margarita Fomina: ‘We were going to deliver battle, but we missed something. Maybe, we were disturbed by the excitement. After all, it was the first World Cup finals for us’.

Alexandra Raeva: ‘We were preparing for the decisive game as much as we did to any other game. There is no sense to change what brings the result?!’

Alina Kovaleva: ‘Next year I really want to win the World Cup and the Olympic Games!’

Nkeiruka Ezekh: ‘We had a difficult season, but   our performance at the World Championships   proved that our team remains among the leaders of the women’s curling.’

Svetlana Kalalb, senior coach: ‘In Beijing, the team gained invaluable experience. Over 14 games played, we realized what else to work on, saw the strengths and weaknesses of the main competitors. With this knowledge, it will be easier for us to prepare for the Olympic Games.’