Stanislav Shevchenko was re-elected President of the Russian Volleyball Federation

At the report-and-election Conference Stanislav Shevchenko, the President of the Russian Volleyball Federation was unanimously re-elected to another four-year term. He was the only entrant.

Stanislav Shevchenko is a four-time Russian champion and the Russian Cup winner. After the end of the sports career, he worked as a coach-manager of the Moscow “Dynamo” club. In 2005 Shevchenko came to the Federation. He successively occupied the posts of the General Director, the First Vice-President (since December 2006), the Acting President (since 2009). In 2008 he became a member of the International Volleyball Federation Administrative Council. Shevchenko became the head of the Federation in April 2010. On August 5, 2010 he was elected a member of the ROC Executive Committee.

At the 2012 Olympics Russian men’s national team won gold medals in a dramatic match againstBrazil. In the quarterfinal the women’s team lost to the Brazilians, the future Champions of the Olympic tournament.