Veniamin Boot: “Our goal is to win 7 Olympic licenses in 2015”

A reporting conference of the Russian Rowing Federation was held on Friday, December 5 in the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) building. At this conference the results of work  carried out during the  year were summed up. The agenda included questions about the work of the committees attached to the Presidium of the Russian Rowing Federation, the report of the Auditing Commission on the results of the financial and economic activities, as well as provisions to amend the Russian Rowing Federation Charter. This feature will allow the Russian Rowing Federation interact with a wider range of people, more actively develop, promote and popularize rowing in the regions. President of the Russian Rowing Federation Veniamin Boot shared his comments on the results of the conference with the ROC information service.

“It was a working meeting. For the first time we had an opportunity to hear the report of the established committees on the work carried out. Each of the 9 committees within the structure of the Federation, has provided a detailed report on the results of the year. The Federation gave positive evaluation and expressed wishes with regard to further development directions.

Talking about the results of the team’s performance and comparing  the results obtained  with the previous year, we can say that the situation has changed for the better, especially in the number of awards. Last year there were two of them, now there are 7 of them. Junior teams have made a big step. The trend of Russian rowers’ performances is positive and that is extremely satisfying! These results allow us to look forward to the next Olympic cycle.

Those athletes who are preparing for the Rio Games, complete the required and planned amount of work. We have set a goal to win 7 Olympic licenses in 2015. Of course, the task is very difficult, but believe me, this is quite possible to achieve. You should never try  to think ahead. For example, this year we suggested that our men’s eight will definitely be among the medalists, and during the whole season the guys have been proving it with their results in almost all major competitions. And at the World Championships they took the 6th place. I don’t want to dwell on the reasons, another point is important here. Last year they did not even reach the small final, and today we are upset about leaving without medals. We have a motivation and  progress can be seen”, – said the President of the Russian Rowing Federation.