Vyacheslav Aminov: ‘The UIPM Congress in Frankfurt on the Main was in some sense unique’

President of the Russian Modern Pentathlon Federation and member of the ROC Executive Committee in an interview with the ROC Information Service commented on his reelection as Vice-President of the International Modern Pentathlon Federation (UPIM).

– There were nine Vice-presidential candidates and only two managed to receive a mandate on the results of the first round of voting – Juan Antonio Samaranch Salisachs of Spain and your obedient servant, – said Vyacheslav Aminov. – I consider it to be not only the Russian Modern Pentathlon Federation’s victory but also the victory of the whole country. Despite the fact that delegates from Ukrain and Baltic countries openly expressed their dissatisfaction with my candidature, the vast majority of the 79 National Federations’ representatives supported me in my desire to continue working as the UIPM Vice-president.

In general the UIPM Congress in  Frankfurt on the Main was  in some sense unique. Starting with the openning ceremony, which was attended by the IOC President Thomas Bach. In his speech several times he called  Modern Pentathlon one of the most developing kind of sport. The IOC President also made it clear that  that the  UIPM’s bid to join the Olympic program (mixed relay) is quite perspective. A total of 50 sports have launched bids to widen their medal programs and only three of them including our were considered to be well-reasoned. In my opinion, one of the reasons, not the least one, was the fact that, according to journalists and fans, mixed relay has become the ornament of the VI Kremlin Cup, recently held in Moscow.

It was also decided at the Congress that the 2017 European Modern Pentathlon Championships will be held in Byelorussia. It will be the first step towards the inclusion of our sport in the program of the 2019 European Games, to be held in Minsk.