Julia Kaplina: ‘The main start of this season is the European Championships’

The winner of the 2016 World Cup Julia Kaplina in her interview to the press service of the Climbing Federation of Russia shared her impressions of the two starting stages of the 2017 World Cup in Chongqing and Nanjing (China), where she won and   updated the world record twice.

– Julia, for the third time in your career you win two stages in a row. First it happened in the season 2013/14, then in early 2016. But last week probably was the most memorable, because your victories  in Chongqing and Nanjing were accompanied by world records. Is that true?

– It is always pleasant to win, but it is twice as pleasant to win with good results! Thanks to the training camps in Tyumen I was well prepared for the World Cup stages. After the Championships of Russia I thought that I could perform well, but to set new world records two starts in a row is something from the realm of fantasy.

– The Season 2016 also started with victories in Chongqing and Nanjing.  Are there any differences between these starts in the last two seasons?

– Yes, there is. If last year it was enough to overcome the distance at an average pace to win, and this year in the semifinal and final races I  had to give it all.

– Which of the world records came at a higher price?

– In Nanjing, I did not feel very well before the start, it was very hot and stuffy.

– Three finals (Tyumen, Chongqing, Nanjing) and again, as in 2014/15, you and Masha Krasavina compete in speed. No sense of deja vu?

– For me, it does not matter whom to compete with. First of all, I struggle with myself. So I have a deja vu every start. I’m glad that Maria managed to give great performance after a break. She is a great example for everyone. Way to go!

– What can you say about the updated rules on KM? How did they affect your performance?

– In Chongqing, I was a little worried about the start (one false start and – back home!). But the new signal – this is what you need! Since the beginning of the year, I worked on the starting reaction and, finally, I did not lose at the start.

Also in accordance with the new rules, 10 seconds are given to put the platform, and to approach and take the starting position – 4 seconds. At the first stage after the Start command we had to run, but I got used to it by the second stage and without unnecessary movements got up to start. I liked the innovations.

– Which of the races turned out to be the most difficult?

– In Chongqing, it was a little exciting to climb in the semi-final with Alla Marenich, she kicks off very well. In Nanjing, the last race with Masha Krasavina was harder.

– How do you like the Chinese audience?

– Spectators, as always, very actively supported athletes. I like to perform in China!

– What is more important for you this season – to win the World Cup, World Games or European Championships? Can you arrange these three tournaments in terms of importance?

– European Championships, World Games, World Cup.

– Who do you want to say kind words to, after the Chinese tour?

– Many thanks to my coach Sergey Sergeyev. I’m very glad that in China he was near. It does not happen often. I think that all the speed climbers felt his support.

Thanks to Dima Timofeev, he was very helpful at the start. I hope to see him in the role of participant soon. And to all of our athletes, thank you very much, the support was powerful! Perhaps it was thanks to the coach, who managed to unite us, although climbing is not a team sport.

I thank my mom for her support! Thanks to Senya Shevchenko, my victories and records are his achievements too. Many thanks to everyone who worried about me! And special thanks to my beloved city Tyumen!