Olga Tsygankova: “Gymnastics is a core sport for many disciplines”

Children’s festive Day of Gymnastics took place on 15 November at the Central Exhibition Complex Expocentre. It was dedicated to the International Day of Gymnastics and to the 80th anniversary of this Olympic sport, which first appeared in our country. The event was organized by the Moscow Department of Education together with International Sport Academy of Irina Viner, ANO. Director of the organization Olga Tsygankova stressed the importance of the event.

“I am very pleased that this holiday brought together a huge number of people. Thanks to the coaches, athletes and children who come to the world of gymnastics, a real Olympic family  is being created. The Academy of Irina Viner has been created in order to give sports education to young children. Moreover, gymnastics is, in fact, a core sport for many disciplines. It’s very nice to know that we are a part of a big Olympic family and that we have been preparing world-class talents for a long time”.

The event was attended by the athletes of the Ivanovo Region Rhythmic Gymnastics team under the direction of Master of Sports of International Class, member of the Russian Olympic team at the Beijing Olympic Games and a multiple World Cup winner Marina Shpekht.

“Rhythmic Gymnastics is going through a stage of rapid development in all regions of Russia. A lot of centers and sports clubs are being opened now. That is Irina Viner’s great achievement. We could say that she is like a second mother for athletes. She takes care about each child, who is just starting out in the world of sports. Young children with a great desire and enthusiasm to go to sports school. However, you can do gymnastics at the age of 3-4 years, and in this case it can become the base for almost all sports”.

Within the framework of the Day of Gymnastics representatives of the Russian Olympic Committee gave an Olympic lesson and conducted an Olympic quiz.  Deputy Head of the Moscow Department of Education Igor Pavlov spoke about the importance of such initiatives.

“It is important for children to know the story of Olympic sports. As you have probably noticed today answering the questions about the Olympic champions the kids named almost all Russian athletes who received the highest awards. And that’s great! The most effective programmes related to children’s motivation are the programmes with the participation of our famous champions, when students find themselves next to those who have achieved significant success. Children’s  eyes shine, they have a chance to communicateand receive answers to their questions. In this regard, the number of students entering sports schools, is increasing exponentially. Therefore, it is essential to attract children not only to gymnastics, but to all kinds of sport”.

After testing the knowledge on the Olympic Movement numerous winners and medalists of Russian and international Rhythmic Gymnastics tournaments went to the stage together with the children out. Master of Sports of International Class Yekaterina Donych together with the young athletes demonstrated the unbelievable possibilities of this wonderful sport combines the grace, elegance and flexibility.

“It’s always great to receive an invitation to the event, in which  a lot of children take part. It’s even more valuable because you understand that giving master classes at such holidays you pass your knowledge on to them. When I saw them looking at me with those big, kind and sincere eyes and following my every movement, I realized that I shoulder an enormous burden of responsibility. Mistake is impermissible – you can’t let down the children. I would like to wish everyone who chose Rhythmic Gymnastics, to do this sport with love, counting seconds before the training sessions and truly enjoying them”.

A holiday dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Gymnastics, ended with demonstrations, attended by the youngest fans of the Olympic sport, that was born in Russia.