Olga Fatkulina became the Speed Skating World Cup winner in the 500m

Russia’s Olga Fatkulina became the Speed Skating World Cup trophy winner in the 500m distance. In the World Cup final, which was held in Heerenveen (Netherlands), Fatkulina took first place in the overall standings with 960 points after winning two runs in the 500m.

At the end of this season Heather Richardson (USA) took second place with the result of 915 points, and Jenny Wolf (Germany) became third – 803.

Besides, Olga took third place at the distance of 1000 meters – 352, where Richardson has seized overall victory – 555. The third place was taken by   another U.S. representative Brittany Bowe – 500.

Yulia Skokova was also among the top ten in the 1,000m. She took eighth place with the result of 159 points. Skokova was just one step behind the top three finnishers in the overall standings for the 1,500m distance, where she became fourth – 343. However, in the final run of the season Yulia could finish third. Besides, Yekaterina Lobysheva became seventh in the overall standings – 204, and Olga Graf became ninth – 165. The Cup went to Irene Wust (Netherlands) – 530, her compatriot Lotte van Beek was right behind her with 430 points, and Bowe was third – 389. 

Graf, Sochi Olympic Winter Games bronze medalist in the 3,000m took  fourth place with 274 points. Martina Sablikova of the Czech Republic was the best with 550 points, and the second place was taken by Claudia Pechstein of Germany — 416 and Yvonne Nauta (Netherlands) finnished third – 326.

In the team pursuit Russian national team failed to reach the World Cup finals, finishing sixth. Dutch speed skaters became the Cup winners. Second place was taken by the representatives of Poland, and Japanese athletes became third.

In the men’s World Cup Russia’s Denis Yuskov was very close to winning overall standings for the 1,500m. He finished second with 430 points, just ten points behind Koen Verweij (Netherlands) — 440. The third place went to Shani Davis of the United States — 401. It is worth noting that in the  Cup final race Denis became the best covering the distance in 1 minute 45.55 seconds.

In Heerenveen Alexander Rumyantsev for first time in his career was among medal winner, finishing third in the 5,000m, which helped him finish eighth overall – 213. Jorrit Bergsma  from Netherlands has won the World Cup in this distance  – 500,  Patrick Beckert from Germany became second – 311, and  Sven Kramer (Netherlands) finished third – 300.

At the end of the 2013-2014 season two Russians are among the top ten finishers in the fastest distance — 500m. Artem Kuznetsov finished fifth – 471, and Dmitry Lobkov was ninth – 428. Representatives of the Netherlands have occupied the top three places: Ronald Mulder (782), Michel Mulder (728) and Jan Smeekens (655).

Team Netherlands won the World Cup Overall in the team pursuit – 450, American became second – 280, and Norwegians finished third – 270. Russians showed the ninth result – 120.

The 2014 World Speed Skating Championships will take place at the  Thialf oval in Heerenveen, Netherlands, on March 21–23. It will be the final start of the season.