Ivan Vorobiev brought the first medal to the Russian national team at the World Judo Championship

On Thursday, on the fourth day of the competition, the 25-year-old judoka from the Novosibirsk Region, who was capped for Tyumen, by lot was to challenge the third place with another Russian citizen Ivan Nifotov. However, the 26-year-old former world champion and bronze medalist of the 2012 Olympics  from Barnaul didn’t come to a fight due to the injury of the elbow. So Ivan Vorobyov got his award without a fight.

Recall that in the last 16 of the weight category up to 81 kg, he passed the representative of the UAE Sergey Toma, but he lost the fight with Frenchman Louis Pyetry for the semi-final and was forced to fight for the bronze in the consolation tournament. Vorobiev shared the third place with another representative of France Alain Shmit.

His medal has become the first medal won by the Russian National team after four days of the tournament. This medal has also become the first medal in the career of Vorobiev, who made his debut in Rio in the main team of the country.

“Of course, I’m pleased to get my first medal in life. Although, I must admit that I’m not fully satisfied, ” – said the medalist of the World Championship Ivan Vorobiev.- It’s not even because the fight with Nifontov, I was very interested in, had to be canceled, but because each of us hoped to receive his own medal not in dispute with each other, but fighting with the athletes from the foreign teams”.

Pyetry has become the winner of World Championship in the weight category up to 81 kg. In the final battle he turned aside Georgian Avtandil Chrikishvily.