Rosalia Nasretdinova is preparing for the Rio Games

A member of the Russian  swimming team, going to Nanjing (China) to participate in the 2nd Summer Youth Olympics, 17-year-old Rosalia Nasretdinova told about her goals for the tournament and shared her thoughts about the  2016  Olympic Games.

–  The Nanjing Youth Olympic Games is now less than a month awayAre you ready for the important start?

– We are preparing intensively, but there is still much to be done. On Wednesday I’m going to the town of Ruza in the Moscow Region for the Russian Cup final. We’ll  check my readiness for Nanking. In fact, we are going to China on 11 August, and the competitions will begin on 17 August, so I’ll have almost a week to train there.

– When did you start to prepare specifically for Nanking?

– The work began after the December FINA European Championships. Thus I  have been preparing for Nanking for six months.

– But you had an option to go to Berlin for the adult European Championship, instead of going to China?

– Yes, I had such option. But it’s up to the head coaches to make decisions, and my job is to show good results. I am glad that I am going to the Youth Olympic Games, because such a chance comes once in a lifetime.

– Two tournaments will take place concurrently, right?

– Yes, the European Championship kicks off four days earlier. I know that the Lithuanian swimmer Ruta Meylyutite will go to Berlin first, a two days later she’ll go to Nanjing where she will rival me.

Will you follow the European Championships? Will you contact our team members?

– Of course I will, social networks will help us. We will watch broadcast when we’ll have time.

– Have you ever been to China?

– No, to be honest, it is very interesting to see — I’ve never been to Asia. It’s good that we were going one week before the start – will have time to walk and to see something.

– What are your goals for the Games?

– (She smiles) Only the first place.  I’ll try to beat the Russian adult 50 m freestyle record. In relays we will do our best.

By the way, what disciplines are you going to compete in?

– The list has not been approved yet, but it will consist of 50m and 100m freestyle, 50m and 100m butterfly, 100m backstroke and relay competitions. Maybe  50m backstroke as well.

All disciplines are common for you. Are you planning to add something new in the future?

– Now I need to train,  I need to improve breaststroke. Maybe I’ll try complex in the future. I have such wish.

– This season you have a tight competition schedule. Do you like it? It’s just that some athletes prefer to train more …

– Yes, of course, it was a tough year, but lately I like to participate in competitions. You know, I can’t wait to swim the distances, especially my favorite — 50m freestyle – on the last day.

– President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov said that  participants of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games,  have a chance to successfully perform at the 2016 Olympic Games. Are you  already thinking about Rio?

– Of course, I am. There’s are two years to go. But I understand that time passes quickly. I am already preparing for 2016. I think that it will not be a problem to get to the Olympic Games, because my results will improve, I will become stronger. (She smiles) And we’ll see what happens then.