The Russian National team in Rowing and Canoeing took the third place in the medal standings at the World Championship in Germany

The Canoe Sprint World Championship was held August 27 – September 1 in Duisburg, Germany. The participants competed for 29 sets of awards.

Russian National team won four gold, four silver and one bronze medal, and took the third place in the team classification.

The first place was taken by the host team – National team of Germany (8-6-2). The Hungarians took the second place (7-5-5).

Note that the next Canoe Sprint World Championship will take place in Moscow in 2014.

Medals won by the Russian athletes:


  • Yury Postriguy, Aleksandr Dyachenko – kayak pairs, 200 m
  • Viktor Melantyev, Ivan Shtil – canoe pairs, 500 m
  • Vitaly Yurchenko, Vasily Pogreban, Anton Vasilyev, Oleg Zhestov – kayak fours, 1000 m
  • Andrey Kraitor, Viktor Melantyev, Andrey Ganin, Ivan Shtil – canoe single, 4×200 m


  • Viktor Melantyev, Ilya Pervushin – canoe pairs, 1000 m
  • Ivan Shtil – canoe single, 200 m
  • Aleksandr Kovalenko, Nikolay Lipkin – canoe pairs, 200 m
  • Yury Postriguy, Maksim Molochkov, Oleg Kharitonov, Aleksandr Dyachenko – kayak single, relay 4×200 m


  • Natalya Podolskaya, Elena Polyakopva, Natalya Lobova, Natalya Proskurina – kayak single, relay 4×200 m