In 2015 Sochi will host European Championship and a stage of the Luge World Cup

Sochi, the capital of the Olympic Winter Games, will remain involved in international sports life after the end of the 2014 Games. According to the President of the Russian Luge Federation Natalia Gart, the European championship and a stage of the World Cup will take place in Sochi, at the Olympic Sliding Center “Sanki”, from February 19-25, 2015.

“The delegation of the Russian Luge Federation has just returned from Slovenia where the executive meeting of the International Luge Federation (FIL) was held. Many issues were discussed at this meeting that are very important for our federation and for our country. For example, the questions about the work organization at the 2014 Games in Sochi, the development of the naturbahn, which we promote as an official Olympic sport, and preparing a calendar of international competitions. With great pleasure I would like to tell you that the FIL executive committee has decided that the post-Olympic European championship will take place in Russia”, – said Gart.

According to the President of the Russian Luge Federation, the athletes will fight for four sets of medals, including the relay. “We have prepared a high-quality bid, done a good job and as a result Sochi has a chance to host the European championship without considering any other options. We want to thank the Russian Olympic Committee for supporting our initiative, and we want to thank FIL for their confidence”, – said Natalia Gart.