An annual Olympic Assembly was held at the ROC

An annual Olympic Assembly was held at the  Russian Olympic Committee (ROC). The meeting was focused on the upcoming Sochi Olympic Winter Games. Alexander Zhukov, the Head of the ROC, opened the meeting. He summed up the results of the outgoing year that was full of sporting events (in Russia and abroad), and spoke about the preparations for the main event of 2014 — the XXII Olympic Winter Games.

At the moment, 218 athletes in Russia were selected for the Olympic Winter Games. The selection process will be completed by January 27, 2014 . The final composition of the Russian Olympic team will be approved by the ROC Executive Committee in late January next year. Supposedly the Russian Olympic delegation will  consist of  460-470 people , including 230-235 athletes.

In order to support the Russian Olympians the ROC by tradition will send special groups to Sochi using its own and borrowed funds. The groups will consist of more than 100 leaders of the organizations — members of the ROC and 150 Olympic medalists.  Besides that, the ROC has ordered and ANO Organizing Committee “Sochi 2014”   has already confirmed  4,498 tickets for the athletes-participants of the Games and their family members and friends (two tickets per a participant).

The first speaker , who addressed the delegates of the Olympic Assembly, was the  Vice-president of  ANO Organizing Committee “Sochi 2014” Sergey Bondarenko, who told the audience about the preparations for the XXII Olympic Winter Games . He gave a detailed report on the work done to date, and spoke about the work that  will be done before the start of the Olympics . In conclusion Bondarenko presented a video demonstrating the work of the organizing committee.

Vladimir  Sengleev, the Executive Director of the Russian Olympic Committee,  delivered a report on the realization of the Program of support of Russian athletes in preparation for the Olympic Games and assuring the participation of the Olympic Delegation of the Russian Federation in the XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi (as of October 1, 2013 ). He described the activities of the ROC, aimed at improving the training process of the Russian national teams and the creation and development of scientific and methodological support. Among  the results of this work were the mobile laboratories, presented on Thursday, November 28 , on the day before the Olympic Assembly. These are the first steps towards the creation of the ROC Innovation Center.

The President of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia Alexander Gorshkov, the President of the Russian Skating Union Alexei Kravtsov, the Vice-president of the Cross-country skiing Federation of Russia Viktor Loginov and the coach of the Russian National Biathlon team Vladimir Barnashov spoke at the Olympic Assembly. The representatives of the federations stressed the importance of creating the ROC Innovation Center, that will help the athletes achieve the best results. They expressed their gratitude to the ROC for assistance (both scientific-technical and financial), during the period of training of the Russian national teams. Besides that, everybody addressed the presidium of the Assembly with a request, to continue providing this sort of assistance after the XXII Olympic Games.

At  the end of the Olympic Assembly 16 public organizations (15 Olympic Councils of the federal subjects of the Russian Federation and the Russian powerboat sport federation) were admited to the ROC.

Besides that, Vitaly Smirnov, the ROC Honorary President and a member of the International Olympic Committee, suggested that  a memorial tablet and a movie should be created in memory of the Сhairman of the  USSR Olympic Committee Sergei Pavlov, who would have celebrated his 85th anniversary on January 19, 2014.

“The Olympic Assembly is a ROC Annual Forum, that brings together the heads of all sports federations, both Olympic and non-Olympic, the representatives of the regional organizations and of the Ministry of Sports. The sports society gets together to discuss the most pressing issues of the Olympic movement and the preparations for major competitions, to sum up the year and to discuss plans for the next year. Of course, now the most important question is the Olympic Winter Games . Today we’ve listened to a very informative reports, delivered by the representatives of our major sports federations. There is very little time left before the start of the Olympic Games, the preparation is underway and we will provide all necessary assistance to our athletes”, – summarized the Olympic Assembly Alexander Zhukov.