Vladimir Morozov: “Maybe by 10PM I’ll unleash my full potential and swim even faster”

Russian swimming team members Vladimir Morozov and Danila Izotov do not see the problem in the late start of the final swims at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. It is to be recalled that, on Tuesday the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee approved the Calendar of Events, according to which decisive race will start at 10PM local time and end after midnight. That was done in the interest of American broadcasters, that own the rights to broadcast the Olympic Games.

“In my career I’ve never had so late finals – said Danila Izotov. – However, I do not think it can become a serious problem for any of the athletes. The Olympic Games are held once in four years, athletes prepare for this start for several years, so I am sure that despite the late start of finals best results will be shown in Rio. I think that there is the date of arrival in Rio de Janeiro is a more important question. It will take time to adapt to the climate and time zone.”

“And late start may benefit me, – confessed Vladimir Morozov. – I love to sleep, get up late in the afternoon so sometimes I can not unleash my full potential at daytime. Maybe at 10PM I will swim faster.”