Vladimir Putin: ‘Anti-doping national program will be developed in the beginning of the next year’

Today, 1 December, 2016, President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, delivered his annual address to the Federal Assembly. In particular Head of State spoke  about the external pressure, put on Russian athletes and about the new National Anti-Doping Program.

‘Everybody knows that in the last few years we have faced attempts of external pressure. I have already talked about it twice.  Everything was put into action – from myths about Russian agression, propaganda,  interference into our elections  to harassment of our athletes, including paralympians.

By the way, every cloud has silver lining. Thus, I am sure that a so-called doping-scandal will allow us to create an advanced system for fighting this evil. Assuming that national program to fight doping will be developed  in the beginning  of the next year,’ – said Vladimir Putin.