Tamas Ajan wins his fifth term

Tamas Ajan, who have headed  the the International Weightlifting Federation  for the past17 years, was reelected President of the IWF. At the Congress in Bangkok 78-year-old  Hugarian Tamas Ajan won  by 86 votes to 61 against European Weightlifting Federation president Antonio Urso.

Intara Yodbangta (Thailand) was elected the first vice-president of the IWF.   Ursula Papandrea (USA), Nick Vlad (Romania), Josй Carlos Cinognes (Peru), Zhanat Tussupbekov (Kazakhstan) and Petro Krol (Czech Republic) were elected as vice-presidents.

The IWF Executive Committee included seven people: Pirros Dimas (Greece), Birendra Prasad Baishia (India), Shahrillo Mahmudov (Uzbekistan), Mahmoud Mahgub (Egypt), Luis Osvaldo Zambrano Andrade (Ecuador), Michael Irani (Great Britain) and the President of the Federation of Heavy Athletics of Russia (FTAR) Maxim Agapitov. The Russian Olympic Committee congratulates the head of the FTAR on his election to the Executive Committee of the IWF!

A whole epoch in the world weightlifting is connected with the name of Tamas Ayan. He first joined the executive board in 1970 before becoming general secretary in 1976, a role he held until he was elected president in 2000. Since then he was reelected for times! This is his fifth presidential term. The will have been at the IWF for more than half a century when his latest four-year term ends in 2021.

‘It is very important is that weightlifting   remains part of  the Olympic family. Our relations with the IOC are close and mutually constructive,’ said Tamas Ayan in his speech at the Congress.

The pledge of further development of the world weightlifting, according to the president of the IWF, is the financial stability of the organization. In the reserve fund of the IWF, there are 37.5 million US dollars to date,    which is  14 million dollars more than in 2012.

“At the same time, we have the resources and potential for further development,” Tamas Ayan said.

A sharp decrease in the number of   positive doping samples in 2016 , is positive result of the IWF’s  anti-doping activity. However, as a result of repeated tests of samples from the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games, 49 cases of illegal drugs were detected.

‘These figures indicate that in certain countries, the use of doping was an integral part of training athletes. I am convinced that what happened will be a good lesson for violators, and we must continue the struggle for a clean sport’, said the head of the IWF.

Recall that in early May, the Russian Olympic Committee held a working meeting of the Director General of the ROC Vladimir Sengleev with the delegation of the International Weightlifting Federation and the US Weightlifting Federation.

Vladimir Sengleev informed foreign representatives about the measures being taken in our country to eradicate doping in sport. In particular, he spoke in detail about the joint efforts undertaken by the ROC and the Russian Weightlifting Federation in this direction.

Representatives of the US Weightlifting Federation told about the preparations for the upcoming World Championship, to be held from November 28 to December 5, 2017 in Anaheim.